Since getting my trusty Kindle almost 10 years ago, I have kept a detailed spreadsheet of every book that I’ve read.

It has been a handy way of tracking my progress, keeping me motivated to keep reading and ensuring that I don’t buy too many books without reading what I’ve already downloaded first.  It’s probably saved me from purchasing hundreds more than i could have hoped to ever work my way through.

As I read through my records earlier this evening, I noticed a couple of books on my list and could hardly remember them.

Was it a good book?

What was it about?

Would I recommend it to someone else?

What did I learn from it?

At first, I wondered if it was a waste to have read something and then forgotten all about it.  That poor author must have poured their heart and soul into it and now I was wondering what they had written.

Then I realised an important principle.

All learning counts.

I may not have remembered something specific from that particular title, but perhaps it introduced me to a topic that was deepened later.

Or perhaps I disagreed with much of the content, forcing me to consider my position at a deeper level.

Or perhaps for the period of time that I was reading, at least I wasn’t wasting my time watching TV or scrolling through social media.

So, to those writers who have helped transform my life, I am incredibly grateful.

And to the less memorable, thanks as well, because all learning counts.