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We all make mistakes.

We all say things that we wish we could have taken back.

As the song says, “Regrets, I have a few.”

We all do.

Disappointments are a part of life.

There are times when we have got it wrong.

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As you sow seeds, you don’t know how they will turn out.

Some will land on rocky ground.

Some will fall between the cracks.

Some will be carried away by cheeky pigeons.

And some will land in nice, fertile soil.

There will be times when you sow in the cold of winter.

The soil is cold and unforgiving and there’s little, to no sun.

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After more than 11 years and almost 3,000 posts, sometimes I wonder if I’ve run out of things to say.

And then I remember.

Keep going.

You can do it.

Keep working on your strengths.

Read more.

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It’s time to put our heart into life.

To care about our work.

To care about the people around us.

To care about the issues that face our society.

To care for those who are hurting, anxious, struggling.

And then to respond.

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Find something that you admire in others.

Look for a way to elevate them in your thinking.

It could be how well they can cook a lasagne.

It could be their parallel parking skills.

It could be how hard they work to improve at work.

Maybe it’s their persistent efforts to change a negative habit.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic or world-changing.

It’s just an opportunity to look for the best in people.

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After driving the kids to and from their Church youth group this evening, I sat down to look ahead to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning at 8am. parkrun with Logan.

9:30am. Netball with Madison.

12pm. Leave home for the one and half hour drive to where Hayden will be umpiring a footy match.

5pm – Drive Hayden from the game to a friend’s house for a party.

9:30pm – Pick Hayden up.

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You may never be perfect.

A world record may be beyond your capabilities.

You can try and try and try, but you will still make mistakes.

There will be days when you feel as though you’re a million miles away from achieving your goals.

And days when you have lost sight of them altogether.

But better is possible.

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It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day for the better.

A simple smile.

A warm handshake.

A note of encouragement.

Eye contact.

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Juice is a term used by sports commentators to describe the energy that a player brings to the game.

If they’re constantly active and hustling, they are said to have a lot of juice.

I recently heard a particular basketball commentator say, “If you’re juiceless, you’re useless.”

Wow, that’s harsh.

But perhaps it’s also true and perhaps the application applies beyond the court.

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On the weekend, we had a few proud parent moments.

It started when Logan and I went for a Saturday morning 5km parkrun and he smashed his pb by over 80 seconds.

We drove from there to Madison’s netball game, where she was playing with her new team for the first time. She played in a new position and shot the lights out with an amazing performance that we didn’t see coming.

Then Hayden was boundary umpire for two footy matches, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. One was a top division men’s match and the other an elite under 18’s match with a few players who will be looking to get drafted into the AFL at the end of the year. Across the two matches, he ran over 21 km’s and did a great job.

But this post isn’t about bragging about my kids’ achievements, even though we think they are awesome.

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