On the weekend, we had a few proud parent moments.

It started when Logan and I went for a Saturday morning 5km parkrun and he smashed his pb by over 80 seconds.

We drove from there to Madison’s netball game, where she was playing with her new team for the first time. She played in a new position and shot the lights out with an amazing performance that we didn’t see coming.

Then Hayden was boundary umpire for two footy matches, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. One was a top division men’s match and the other an elite under 18’s match with a few players who will be looking to get drafted into the AFL at the end of the year. Across the two matches, he ran over 21 km’s and did a great job.

But this post isn’t about bragging about my kids’ achievements, even though we think they are awesome.

I’m most proud about Logan’s persistence with his running, going on training runs throughout the week and getting a reward for his efforts.

With Mads, I’m most proud that despite not really knowing her team-mates or coach well and playing an unusual position, she threw herself into the challenge and got an amazing result.

And for Hayden, his conscientious approach to his umpiring and fitness has given him opportunities that he has grabbed with both hands.

For us as parents, the success isn’t the result, it’s the persistence, the grit, the resilience, the hard work and the lessons learned along the way.

Well done guys, onwards and upwards.