As I write this post, my legs are aching and I’m feeling very tired.

But there’s a story behind the pain.

It started with a family conversation about running, Ekidens (a form of Japanese long distance relays) and a local event that matched our aspirations.

My brave and enthusiastic nephew, Lachlan, registered us, we came up with a suitable, Lord of the Rings inspired team name (Very Dangerous Over Short Distances) and then we were committed.

Yesterday, seven of us, Logan, Danny, Lachlan, Ebony, Madison, Macrae and myself, completed the O’Keefe Challenge Ekiden Relay event, a 42.2km relay that tested our physical capabilities, but was incredibly fun.

We had a great support crew (thanks Yonah and Heather) and spent the day cheering, stretching, running, high-fiving and wondering why we so crazy, in perfect conditions along a beautiful track. We managed a time of 4 hours and 12 minutes which to many people possibly isn’t very impressive, but to us, it was amazing. I was so proud of the entire team and if they didn’t have me slowing them down on the final leg, would have gone much closer to under 4 hours.

We were joined by hundreds of others and the atmosphere was contagiously positive, with runners of all shapes, capabilities and speeds doing their best and helping others to do their best. I had a work colleague running the half-marathon (she did very well) and another running mate who, at the tender age of 69, ran the 10km.

Besides my weekly parkrun, this was my first time participating in an organised fun run and it was a wonderful, new experience.

Here’s to many more.

But I may need time to recover first.

What wonderful, new experiences have you had lately?