Whatever your goals are, you most likely won’t just go from A to B to C to D in a nice smooth manner without any obstacles or setbacks.

If wish I could tell you otherwise, although I suspect that this is what makes life interesting.

You won’t get a promotion and pay rise every six months.

You won’t break your PB every time you go for a run.

You won’t lose 1kg every week.

Your investments won’t grow in value by 10% each year.

Your rose bushes won’t all flower at the same time.

Success isn’t linear, but persistence pays off.

Don’t be put off by the setbacks, be inspired by the challenge.

Don’t give up when your progress doesn’t match your expectations or the timeframes on the ad, keep going.

That’s right, keep going.

Keep pushing.

Keep trying.

Keep learning.

And over time, you will have a wonderful tale to tell.

Not of consistent, incremental steps, but of wonderful, unpredictable adventure.