Twice in two nights, whilst reading completely different books on very different subjects, the authors discussed the story of Goldilocks and the importance of balance.

Not too hot.

Not too cold.

Just right.

It’s a principle that is easy to forget.

But if we can find that balance, it can make a massive difference to our quality of life and to the quality of our relationships.

We work too hard.

We don’t work hard enough.

What does just right look like?

There are those on the right of politics.

There are those on the left.

What does just right look like?

Finding balance is a constant challenge.

We feel as though we have it right, then something bumps us out of kilter.

It’s not easy.

Important things rarely are.

But let me encourage you to day at least search for it.

Not too hard.

Not too soft.

Just right.