In our journey through life, if we are doing it right, we are constantly learning and developing.

We are eternal apprentices.

There is still much that I don’t know about parenting and being a great husband.

There are still lessons in leadership that I haven’t mastered.

Sometimes, I read a great book and shake my head in wonder.

Sometimes, I am amazed at my own ignorance and struggle to fathom how I have made it this far.

So, I continue to read.

I continue to listen to those who are wiser than me.

I continue to be fascinated by life’s challenges.

And I continue to attempt to apply the new skills that I am developing.

Of course, I could fold my arms and make the bold claim that I have learned all there is to learn.

Perhaps I am the master now.

But we all know that’s not true.

And it’s OK to admit that we are just apprentices.