A man stood at the base of the mountain and looked up.

He knew that he must ascend to the top, but from his vantage point he couldn’t identify a path that would take him all the way.

All that he could see was a starting point that led gradually upwards.

“Is this the right path?” he wondered. “I wish I could see where it ends.”

He pondered his options for a moment, shrugged his shoulders and started walking.

As he walked, more of the path revealed itself.

But still he couldn’t see if it went all the way.

He looked back and saw how far he had gone.

He had made solid progress, but it still wasn’t too late to go back.

He decided to continue and with each step he went higher.

With each step, there was more path to follow.

It was reassuring, but occasionally unnerving.

He was building in confidence, pleased with his progress, but the doubts remained.

It was getting colder now.

There were less birds singing.

His legs were heavy.

But still he persisted.

And so did the path.

As he rose, he worried less.

He stopped for a moment and enjoyed the view. It was breathtaking.

Temporarily, he felt that this would be enough, then he realised that if it looked this good from here, how much better would it be from the pinnacle.

So, he smiled wryly and returned to the ever-revealing path.

And then, he made it!

He was at the top.

It was everything the had hoped for, except so much more.

Because instead of path that guaranteed success, he had travelled upon the path of faith and hope.

One foot in front of the other.

Getting closer, but never completely sure that he was.

Grateful that he had started on the track.

Grateful that he didn’t stay in the valley.

I don’t know what your mountain is.

And I suspect that you can’t see the entire path.

But it’s time to ignore the nagging doubts and start your ascent.