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If a fisherman wants to catch a fish, he needs to cast his line.

He then needs to be ready to reel in a fish if he gets a bite.

If a lion wants to catch a gazelle, she needs to wait in a good ambush spot.

She then needs to be ready to pounce when her prey wanders past.

If a job seeker wants employment, he needs to send out his application.

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When a team still has a chance to make the finals or the playoffs, they keep fighting.

When a champion tennis player is down a set, but the match isn’t over, she keeps fighting.

When a boxer is bloodied and bruised, but the final bell hasn’t rung yet, he keeps fighting.

It doesn’t matter what the battle is, while there’s still a chance, we fight.

It could be your career.

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Some things are easy to measure.

We can tell who the best hundred metre runner is. We just need a stopwatch.

Some things are a matter of opinion.

The best lemon meringue maker?

The best newsreader?

The best landscape gardener?

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OK, so you’ve fallen off.

It hurt.

You’ve looked around to see if anyone else has noticed.

You lose a little bit of confidence.

You wonder if you could ever ride a horse in the first place.

Was is the horse’s fault?

Was there something wrong with the equipment?

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The persistent writer ends up with a finished book.

The persistent runner gets fitter and fitter until a marathon becomes possible.

The persistent social worker impacts the lives of untold numbers.

The persistent scientist solves problems that others give up on.

The persistent teacher will eventually find the key to her students’ learning challenges.

The persistent bird watcher will find that elusive species.

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The farmer is grateful for the rain.

The person who has just washed his car, not so much.

Same outward circumstances, different perspective.

Perspective matters.

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Before you conquer the world, you’ve got to conquer yourself.

You’ve got to take responsibility for your current position.

You’ve got to take charge of your attitude and mindset.

You’ve got to be disciplined and focused.

You’ve got to look in the mirror and like what you see (on the inside).

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The great preacher, Jonathan Edwards, had a famous sermon on the subject of procrastination that he titled, “The sin and folly of depending on future time.”

The message was based on Proverbs 27:1, which says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

The reality is that we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

We don’t even know if we will have a tomorrow.

Circumstances may change.

There will be new interruptions and excuses.

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If you notice someone having a bad day, don’t just ignore them.

Find a way to make it better.




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Our time is priceless.

You can’t put a value on it.

How we use it is incredibly important.

Our time at work.

Our time with family.

Our recreation time.

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