Like many Australian sports lovers, I stayed up late last weekend to watch our very own Ash Barty win her first Wimbledon title. She was the first Australian woman to win since the great Evonne Goolagong Cawley and it was a wonderful achievement for an outstanding athlete (and fellow Richmond supporter).

One of my favourite Ash Barty quotes is, “I think you have to go out believing you can win the match; otherwise, there’s no point walking out on the court, really.”

It’s a great mindset to have.

Go out there believing you can win.

Knowing that you’ve done the work.

Knowing that you have the ability.

Knowing that you have given yourself the best possible opportunity to be successful.

Having the belief that you can win doesn’t guarantee that you will get the outcome that you’re after.

But not believing will almost certainly result in a negative outcome.

So, whatever you’re doing today, believe in your ability.

And then go out and show us what you’ve got.