American Ice Hockey gold medallist, Jim Craig once said, “Don’t ever let your memories be bigger than your dreams.”

I wonder if he said this before or after he won his gold medal?

If he said it before, it would have been a great motivation to achieve the ultimate heights of his sport.

But if he said it afterwards, it creates a whole different perspective.

Athletes often reach their greatest achievements at a young age.

Not many 40 year olds win Wimbledon or a gymnastics medal.

We replay their highlights for years to come and champion teams will hold 10 and 20 year reunions so that they can talk about how good they once were.

But we are cautioned to ensure that our memories aren’t bigger than our dreams.

To make sure that we don’t spend more time contemplating what once was, instead of what can still be.

To spend less time looking in the rear view mirror and more time looking out of the front windscreen.

The future is bright for those who can look ahead with optimism and hope.

So by all means enjoy those moments of victory.

But don’t stay there for too long.