Most days, I take our golden retriever, Dusty, for a walk along a track through the bush out the back of our place.

It’s a pleasant walk and having a forest only a couple of minutes away is amazing, but at this time of year, it looks very drab.

There’s a lot of grey and brown and muted green.

Mud and rock and bare tree trunks.

Nothing too bright.

Nothing too cheery.

But if you look closely enough, you can see a splash of yellow.

Small shrubs that have tiny bright golden flowers.

It’s beautiful.

It’s hopeful.

And once you notice them, you notice more of them.

In reality, the landscape isn’t drab at all. Not if you know where to look.

Sometimes, life seems bleak and grey.

We walk along, with our heads down and our shoulders slumped, failing to see the splashes of yellow.

It’s there if you seek it.

Your task today is to look for the beauty amidst the sombre.

The life amidst the desolate.

The joyous amidst the foreboding.

And then to point it out to others.