I watched with great interest as Kristian Blummenfelt won the Olympic triathlon today.

It was an extraordinary effort from the Norwegian and the moment he crossed the finish line, he fell to his knees and was in obvious discomfort.

It was hard to watch as he vomited all over the ground, but to me it made his win even more impressive.

He won by a reasonable margin in the end, but to do so, he pushed himself to the very limits of his capability.

Far beyond what was comfortable.

So much that it hurt.

After the big race, the man himself expressed that he was disappointed that it wasn’t hotter.

As I watched, I wondered when the last time I had pushed myself like that.

And not just physically, but in any way.

To put myself in a situation when I felt sick.

When I was grimacing.

When I was incredibly uncomfortable.

Sure, it’s happened a few times, but I suspect not often enough.

So, congratulations Kristian on your well-earned gold medal and thanks for the reminder to push harder for longer.

To value greatness over comfort.