A boxer has someone in their corner.

They will bark instructions and provide coaching.

They will remind them of the pre-fight strategy.

They will be an extra set of eyes, giving a different perspective on the progress of the fight and the perceived weaknesses of the opponent.

They will do their best to stop the bleeding if the claret starts pouring.

And alas, they will protect them by throwing in the towel the beating is getting too unsafe.

But the most most important function is to believe in their fighter.

To give them confidence.

To lift their head.

To look them in the eye and inspire great deeds.

Who’s in your corner?

Who’s cheering you on?

Who are you entrusting with the responsibility of helping you on your journey?

You don’t need someone focussing on the negatives and what you can do better.

You need someone who can identify the positives, finding a way to inspire you to greater heights.

So choose wisely.