Today was a beautiful, sunny day, which made my lunchtime walk through the bush with Dusty a very pleasant experience.

As we wandered along the track, I met one of our neighbours and her not very bright, but immensely enthusiastic, springer spaniel.

She warned me that up ahead was a very grumpy kangaroo, which had just had a fight with her dog.

At first, I hoped that her dog was alright, but looking at him, you could tell that he was having a great day.

His tail was wagging and he was very happy with himself.

I put Dusty’s leash back on, but as we wandered up the path, no marsupial protagonist was to be seen and no drama unfolded.

I don’t know what happened to the kangaroo. I guess that he just bounced away into the forest.

But despite the feud, the spaniel was happy.

Perhaps he thought that he had made a new friend.

Perhaps he thought that he had vanquished his foe.

Perhaps the excitement of his owner pleased him.

Regardless, if you can go through an event like that with your tail still wagging, you’re going to be OK.

I don’t know what your circumstances look like.

They may be grim or full of good fortune.

But let me encourage you to keep wagging your tail.

To keep describing life as a wonderful adventure.

To not allow the little scraps that we sometimes find ourselves in to ruin our mood.

But to walk with a spring in our step and a sparkle in our eye.

(Please be assured that neither the dog, nor the surly kangaroo were harmed in this story)