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The-proficiency-that-youA professional golfer has confidence when she stands over a 10 foot putt to win a championship because she has done it a thousand times in practice.

A concert pianist walks to the piano in front of a large audience with poise and calmness because he has rehearsed the piece that he is about to play relentlessly.

A surgeon approaches a delicate and complicated procedure on a critically ill patient with assurance, knowing that years of study and careful preparation have given him the skills required to complete this task with aplomb.

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There are a lot of skills that are helpful when you’re looking for work.

You need initiative, resilience, writing skills, the ability to utilise your personal network and of course, all of the relevant skills to actually do the job that you’re applying for.

But there is one skill that is more important than any other.

It’s a skill that when combined with the above attributes can help to jettison you into your dream job.


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Two job candidates with the same experience and qualifications are applying for the same role.

One believes that she can interview well and do the job well, but the other one doesn’t.

Which one gets the job?

Two students have studied equally hard for a big exam.

One believes that he can get a high mark, but the other one doubts his own intelligence.

Which one performs better?

Two professional tennis players with similar rankings oppose each other.

One believes that his best tennis is good enough to win, but the other one isn’t so sure.

Which one wins?

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We need a certain amount of arrogance if we want to:

  • Make a difference in the world.
  • Become an expert in our field.
  • Share our brilliant ideas.
  • Stand up in front of a group and present with confidence.
  • Make that call to sell whatever it is we’re selling.
  • Dare to maximise our potential.

I know that arrogance is often an unattractive and unwanted attribute, but it can come in handy sometimes.

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I have really enjoyed posted some great stories on this blog, but until now, all of them have been written by others.

This is my first attempt at posting an original story, I hope that you like it.

There were three storks who were born in the same nest and the same circumstances.

When it was time for them to leave the nest, they had to start to find their own food.

The first stork didn’t think that he would be able to catch the frogs and small fish that he needed to survive so he stomped around the edge of the lake in a foul mood. 

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I’m sure it’s happened to you too.

You’re in an important meeting or workshop and you have a great idea that you believe you really have to share.

At least it seems like a good idea until you say it out loud.

The expressions on everyone else’s faces tells you that it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

You’ve just swung and missed!

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Sydney Swans supporters at the 2006 AFL Grand ...

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On any given weekend, elite professional sporting teams will clash, with eager expectations from both sets of fans.

You can assume that both teams will be well coached, disciplined and possess a reasonably even spread of skill and athleticism.

As such, and as is the case in almost all big sporting contests, the game won’t be won with the body, but with the mind.

Mental strength is a huge factor in sports and is also applicable to success in business, parenting, church life or any other aspect of life.

I developed these three C’s of a winning mentality a couple of years ago when leading a large business team.  If you get them right, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning.

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Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997

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It’s a boyhood dream.

The clock is running down, the game is close and you have the ball.  This is the moment when heroes are made.  Taking the big shot in basketball, stepping up to take the penalty in a football shoot-out or lining up for goal after a big pack mark in Aussie rules.

Do you shoot, pass or panic?

Do you have what it takes?

Do you even want to be there?

What do you think winners want?

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I love the English language, but sometimes a word comes along in another language that says it so much better.

“Sprezzatura” is an Italian word meaning ease of manner, studied carelessness or the appearance of acting without effort.

What a great word and a terrific concept.

It brings to mind a swan on a lake, smooth and graceful on the surface, but paddling hard underneath.

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I’ve touched on the importance of body language in the past (5 Simple Tips for Better Interviews) and want to expand on these thoughts in today’s post.

According to a recent survey of 2,500 hiring managers, poor body language can significantly impact your chances of being successful in an interview situation, so getting this right will increase your opportunity to be successful in finding your dream job.

Eight body language concerns were raised by the hiring managers in this survey.  Thankfully they are all easily solved if you are aware of them.

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