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Mick Malthouse speaks to the media after being announced as the new head coach of the Blues during a Carlton Blues press conference. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Mick Malthouse, a legend of AFL coaching here in Australia was recently appointed coach of the Carlton Football Club.

After coaching for almost three decades and with a remarkable track record of success, some were unsure as to whether or not he would get back into football after a year out of the game.

When he recently discussed his decision to return, he referred to a message that he has framed on his desk.  It was written by his late brother-in-law who had just been told that he only had three weeks to live.

It simply says:

“Don’t you ever, ever let yourself get to a stage in your life where you think, I wish I had of, or worse still, why didn’t I?”

It’s a great message isn’t it?

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