December 2013

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2013

30th – Happy New You

27th – 3 Things to Remember After Christmas is Over

26th – Never, Ever Accept Losing

25th – Joy to the World

24th – Inspirational People – Dashrath Manjhi

23rd – Does Your Past Define You or Refine You?

20th – The 2013 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

19th – Are We There Yet?

18th – How To Turn Natural Talent Into Extraordinary Results

17th – It’s Time To Get Even

16th – Do Your Kids Want Presents or Presence?

13th – Stop Thinking – A Story About Leadership

12th – On the Other Side of the Clouds

11th – What Did I Miss?

10th – The Fly and the Window

9th – Others Predict, You Determine

6th – The Unhappy Echidna – A Story About What We Were Made For

5th – How Will You Know If You Don’t Try?

4th – Bliss and Blisters

3rd – You’re Not the Washington Generals

2nd – The Hidden Stuff That Matters

November 2013

29th – How They Choose the Turkeys At Thanksgiving

28th – Be Courageous Anyway!

27th – Flat World Thinking

26th – 113 Sit Ups or How To Achieve Remarkable Deeds

25th – It’s Going To Be A Great Day

22nd – Mediocre Beach – A Story About the Exceptional Few

21st – Do One Thing Well

20th – You Have To Name It Before You Can Claim It

19th – Do You Have To or Do You Want To?

18th – Why You Should Perhaps Stop Aiming To Be the Best

15th – How To Sell Yourself in a Resume

14th – … Yet!

13th – Always Play To Win

12th – Graduation Day

11th – A Different Definition of Success

8th – Top 10 Signs That You’re Passionate About Something

7th – What You Feel, What You Think, What You Say, What You Do

6th – What If No-One Believes In You?

5th – The Market That’s Never Crowded

4th – The Album That Inspired 30,000 Bands

1st – Be Great – A Story About Taking Charge of Your Life

October 2013

31st – Why Do You Go To Work?

30th – Coming Attractions, Don’t Miss Them

29th – What Trail Are You Leaving Behind?

28th – Stop Retweeting and Start Creating

25th – The Dead Fish – A Story About the Reality of Change

24th – Brilliant Quotes – Passion

23rd – The Vegetarian Lion

22nd – What Do You Do When You Get to the End of Your Rope?

21st – You Were Wild Once.  Don’t Let Them Tame You

18th – When There is No Path – A Story About the Action We Need To Take

17th – The Two Sides of Risks

16th – The Shuffling Old Man

15th – What Are You Willing To Put Yourself Through?

14th – The Happiest City in Britain (and Why)

11th – Putting Logs in the Fire – A Story About Finding Motivation

10th – 9 Steps To Massive Success

9th – When You Look At People, What Do You See?

8th – Madagascan Vanilla

7th – You Can’t Do Everything…

4th – The Difference That Passion Makes

3rd – Aim for Excellence, Not the Masses

2nd – Our Doubts Are Traitors

1st – Your Circumstances Don’t Define You, Your Response Does

September 2013

30th – Watching Will Only Get You So Far

27th – The Young Gorilla – A Story About Strength

26th – What Can We Learn From Manta Rays?

25th – What Comes First, Confidence or Results?

24th – Find a Champion To Mimic

23rd – Don’t Bunt

20th – You Don’t Ask For Greatness

19th – Are You Proving Them Right or Wrong?

18th – Real Dreams are Uncrushable

17th – Do You Enjoy or Endure Life?

16th – How Big Are Your Goals?

13th – A Walk in the Forest – A Story About Living a Happy Life

12th – Are You Ready?

11th – Inspirational People – Ruby Bridges

10th – If You Have Something Worth Saying

9th – Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

6th – The Ghost Writer

5th – Don’t Waste Your Talent

4th – Weather Forecasts and Optimism

3rd – You Never Know the Impact of a Good Deed

2nd – Enough – The Joe Heller Poem

August 2013

30th – 10 Places I Would Love To Write a Blog Post From

29th – BHW – The Most Effective Drug For Success

28th – Live With Missionary Zeal

27th – What a Wonderful World

26th – Make Today Your One Day

23rd – Fifty Shades of Beige

22nd –  Ignore the Voice of Perfectionism

21st – 9 Tips To Get Your Mojo Back

20th – Wear Your Underpants on the Outside

19th – Turn Your Question Marks Into Exclamation Points

16th – Know Your Level and Keep Challenging Yourself

15th – Fear and Bravery – Enemies or Best Friends?

14th – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

13th – Keep Moving Forward

12th – Habits Are Like Slippers

9th – Skipping is Under-rated

8th – International Tell Everyone You Meet That They’re Awesome Day

7th – The Lifeguard and the Salesperson

6th – How I Read 50 Books in 2 Years

5th – 10 Alternatives To Calling My Daughter Beautiful

2nd – The Three Realists – A Story About Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

1st – Building Brick By Brick

July 2013

31st – Why Mastery is Rare

30th – 4 Attributes That Always Beat Talent

29th – Is the Bar Getting Higher or Lower?

26th – Peter and the Golden Thread – A Story About Living in the Moment

25th – The Moments That Make Me a Proud Dad

24th – To the Humble Encourager

23rd – Vampires and Negative Thoughts

22nd – What Are You Going To Do About It?

19th – Panning For Gold – A Story About Finding Your Purpose in Life

18th – Building Your Ark

17th – A Letter For A 14 Year-Old

16th – There’s a Massive Difference Between 0 and 1

15th – Signatures in the Cement

12th – 10 More Push-ups – A Story About Your Limits

11th – Unable or Unwilling?

10th – The New Safe and Responsible Career Choice

9th – No-One Can Force You

8th – You Have To Show Up To Succeed

5th – How Magic Happens

4th – Failure is a Very Good Option

3rd – The Lake of Opportunity

2nd – How To Renew Your Passion

1st – A Walk, a Starry Night and My Thoughts

June 2013

28th – Stay Focused!

27th – Are You Making It Happen Or Letting It Happen

26th – We Don’t Need More Lukewarm

25th – 7 Lessons I’ve Learned From Our First Six Months in Business

24th – When Do You Want Your Children To Cry?

21st – My Brother, My Sister

20th – Go Through the Forbidden Door 

19th – The Crab Mentality

18th – The Difference Between Hamsters and People

17th – Your Opportunity and Obligation

14th – Why Not You?

13th – Creating Work That You Can Be Proud Of

12th – What Are You Filling Yourself Up With?

11th – How To Turn Around a Very Bad Day

10th – Become the Stradivari of Your Field

7th – You Can Be Too Careful

6th – An Autobiography In Five Short Chapters

5th – Don’t Become a Dinosaur

4th – A Thousand Small Actions Are More Effective Than One Big One

3rd – Dear Problems,

May 2013

31st – What Can We Learn From Surfers?

30th – We Become the Sum of Our Choices

29th – 17 Ways To Squander Your Talent

28th – Greatness Isn’t Fated, It’s Fashioned

27th – Your Dreams Don’t Arrive by FedEx

24th – My Number One Tip For Escaping a Dead-End Job

23rd – Everything You Need, You Already Have

22nd – Everything’s Contagious

21st – There Are Lots Of Ways To Change the World

20th – Are You Getting Closer Or Further Away From Your Goals?

17th – 10 Things I Want My Kids To Know When They’re Older

16th – Know, Go and Show

15th – The Unstoppable Train

14th – Let Others Say How Good You Are

13th – Buying Career Insurance

10th – The Jealous Parrot – A Story About Being Yourself

9th – Brilliant Quotes – Sir Alex Ferguson

8th – Your Dream Isn’t Over, Get Back To Work

7th – Anyone Can, Few Do

6th – Who Are You Inspiring?

3rd – The Definition of a Wasted Life

2nd – The Beginner’s Mind

1st – Which Attitude Do You Bring To Your Life?

April 2013

30th – Imagine a World Where No-one Dared

29th – What Happens After Your Dreams Come True?

26th – May We All Be Forgotten – A Story About Making Goodness Normal

25th – Inspirational People – Liam Haven

24th – Bless Me Lord?

23rd – What You Should Do When the Odds Are Stacked Against You

22nd – The Perfect Conditions For Success

19th – Uncle Billy’s Bear – A Story About How Fear Grows

18th – The Literary Progression

17th – Become the Best Version of Yourself

16th – The Vulnerability of Art

15th – Are You Working At Hotel California?

12th – The Story Behind This Blog

11th – Inspirational People – Alexander Graham Bell

10th – Make It All About Them

9th – Are People Laughing At Your Dreams?

8th – The 10 Commandments of Job Interviews

5th – The Oak and the Reed – A Story About Dealing With Turbulent Times

4th – Damn You Keyboard

3rd – Failure is Fertiliser

2nd – Embrace the Grind

1st – What Is It You Plan To Do With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

March 2013

29th – It’s Friday… But Sunday’s Coming!

28th – What Does Good Plus Bad Equal?

27th – The Moments That Change Us

26th – Don’t Be Scared of Your Scars

25th – No Buts

22nd – The Young Buffalo – A Story About Facing Your Fears

21st – The Disruptive Adult

20th – It’s Time To Bring the Passion Back!

19th – We Are Guaranteed To Die, We Choose To Live

18th – Put Both Feet In

15th – Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

14th – The Difference Between Fame and Heroism

13th – The Problem When You Don’t Get Criticised

12th – You’re Invited To a Banquet

11th – Change this Face, Be Happy, Enjoy

8th – The Two Saplings – A Story About How To Maximise Personal Growth

7th – The Worst Mistake You Can Make With Your Resume

6th – Re-Humanising the World

5th – Do Not Dare to Not Dare

4th – It Ain’t Final ‘Til It’s Vinyl

1st – Be Grateful Anyway

February 2013

28th – If You Blink, You’ll Miss It

27th – Things That Go Bump in the Night

26th – How To Treat Triumph and Disaster

25th – 10 Questions To Get Your Kids Talking More

22nd – Where the Good Leaves Are – A Story About Finding the Best Opportunities

21st – The Difference Between Good Fear and Bad Fear

20th – Do Work That Lasts

19th – Just One More

18th – The Most Important Skill Required For Job Hunting

15th – The Barracuda and the Bait Fish – A Story About Mental Barriers

14th – What Do You Do When Plan A Doesn’t Work?

13th – My Favourite Positive Affirmations From the Bible

12th – Everything Is Better With Enthusiasm

11th – The Discomfort of Learning to Fly

8th – Any Tom, Dick and Harry Can Do It

7th – You Don’t Get Courage, You Build It

6th – A Pain or a Privilege?

5th – A Lesson From a Dead Lavender

4th – Inspirational People – Adrian Peterson

1st – Who Goes First?

January 2013

31st – The Good News and Bad News About Success

30th – Give Them a Standing Ovation

29th – The First Step is the Hardest

28th – The People You Do Your Best Work For

25th – Brilliant Quotes – Action

24th – What You Deserve and What We Deserve

23rd – The Perspective Required For Real Wealth and Happiness

22nd – The Chicken and the Egg of Motivation

21st – Who’s Influencing Whom?

18th – I Have Optimism – A Story About What We Really Own

17th – The Moment Before You Do Something Worthwhile

16th – An Amplius Life

15th – Do You Want To Win, Or Are You Content Not To Lose?

14th – 15 Tips For Young Public Speakers

11th – Kids Still Love Board Games

10th – There Are Always Mountains in the Distance

9th – You Can’t Force Everything

8th – The Brave Duck is a Well-Fed Duck

7th – We Need Reinforcements

4th – The Two Tadpoles – A Story About Creating Habits For the Future

3rd – What Are You Going To Do With Your 2,000 Hours?

2nd – 10 Things I Want To Do More in 2013

1st – The Year of Boldness