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One day, you will look back on everything that you’ve done.

You’ll be glad that you persisted through the hard times.

You’ll be glad that you never stopped learning.

You’ll be glad that you laughed more than you worried.

You’ll be glad that you were disciplined when others were taking the easy option.

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There’s a warrior within us all.

It loves adventure and is drawn towards the path outside your house.

It longs for a life greater than the one you are living and is capable of creating it.

It is resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.

It is fierce and courageous.

It knows what has to be done and finds a way to do it.

It recognises fellow warriors and sees them as colleagues, not competition.

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Are you as hungry as this piranha?

Are you as hungry as this piranha?

Piranhas have a fearsome reputation.

With their razor sharp interlocking teeth and strong jaws, in large numbers they have the ability to strip a large animal down to its skeleton in a matter of minutes.

However, in reality piranhas are timid little fish.

They school in large numbers as protection from predators and only attack large animals in a frenzy under certain circumstances.

When they are hungry.

And when they are defending themselves.

Are we really that different?

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If you watch the news, the world seems like a scary place.

I wouldn’t recommend a holiday in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan at the moment and Somalia may not be a good idea either.

There are also a few beautiful countries in western Africa that it would be wise to avoid until the Ebola situation is resolved.

It’s easy to focus on the conflicts, the economic turmoil and the religious fanatics and end up feeling like you should never leave the house.

But the world is also a magnificent place full of wonderful people.

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Penguin books, founded by Sir Allen Lane

Penguin books, founded by Sir Allen Lane

In 1935, Allen Lane was stuck at Exeter Station looking for a good book to read for his train ride, but all that he found were magazines and old Victorian era novels.

This dilemma got him thinking.

What if good books were more affordable, came in paperback form and were found not only in traditional bookshops, but in a wide range of retailers and even train stations?

Within a year, Lane had started Penguin Books and was selling books by Ernest Hemingway and Agatha Christie for sixpence.  Despite the cynicism of the established publishing industry, consumers bought his books in droves and Penguin Books sold 3 million books in their first year.

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Whenever you feel nervous about the task in front of you…

Whenever you feel daunted about the future…

Whenever you are too afraid to take a risk…

Remember what running great Michael Johnson once said, “Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of a great opportunity.”

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If you really want energy and motivation when you are feeling tired, you will find it.

If you really want a reason to keep going, you will find it.

If you really want an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, you will find it.

If you really want the time to do something that’s important to you, you will find it.

If you really want to find a reason to be positive during a negative situation, you will find it.

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One of the most used excuses for not starting up a business is that people can’t afford it.

But is this a legitimate excuse?

How much money do you really need to start a business?

According to Inc. here is a breakdown of the 500 fasting growing companies from the past year and how much capital they started with: Read the rest of this entry »

At the time of writing, the people of Scotland are carefully considering whether to vote yes to become an independent country.

My wife Karen, is from Scotland, so I’m interested in the result even though I have no opinion either way, but as I contemplated the outcome of this referendum, I wondered what else we should be affirming in our lives.

Here is a list of 10 questions I think we should be saying yes to: Read the rest of this entry »

A cook knows how to prepare a meal.

He is able to follow a recipe, put together a few ingredients and make something edible.

Those who consume the meal are filled.

Job done.

But a chef isn’t like that.

She is an artist, with a knife instead of a paintbrush.

She experiments with new flavours and combinations.

She works on her technique.

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