December 2017

29th – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

28th – Put Some Posts on the Field

27th – What the Wicked Dread and the Righteous Desire

26th – My Favourite Books From 2017

25th – Good Tingles

22nd – Somewhere in the Middle

21st – Fight Through It

20th – From Concept to Reality

19th – The 2017 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

18th – A Job Well Done

15th – Put Salt on Your Chips

14th – Show How Much You Care

13th – Get Off the Bench

12th – Musings From a Hospital Bed

11th – Desperate Animals

8th – It’s Going To Be a Long Drive

7th – Our Potential is One Thing

6th – The First Move

5th – Never Stop Graduating

4th – Time, Energy and Inclination

1st – Twitter Doesn’t Count

November 2017 

30th – Limping to the End

29th – What Messages Are You Telling Yourself?

28th – There’s Always Something Nice To Say

27th – There’s Always a Ladder

24th – Before You Know It

23rd – Your Personal Best

22nd – It’s Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight

21st – I Know You Will Win It One Day, Don’t Worry

20th – Your Responsibility

17th – My 2000th Post

16th – What Are You Making?

15th – Do

14th – I Don’t Feel Like It

13th – Don’t Settle for a Field Goal

10th – Don’t Wait for a Near Death Experience

9th – Compounding Actions

8th – Be an Active Participant

7th – 50,000 People

6th – Don’t Cut and Paste Your Days

3rd – Keep Replaying the Wins

2nd – In the Background

1st – What’s at the Finish Line?

October 2017

31st – Scary Bad

30th – Do You Have Wishes or Goals?

27th – At the End of the Day

26th – If You’re Not Drowning

25th – Drip, Drip, Drip… Gush

24th – Bring Your Own Machete

23rd – Accentuate the Positive

20th – What a Waste

19th – What’s Getting Your Attention?

18th – Better Than Nothing

17th – Keep Looking Ahead

16th – Be an Opportunity Watcher

13th – The Rich Man – A Story About How We Use Our Resources

12th – Don’t Give Up On You

11th – Not When You Tell Us

10th – How Will it Happen and How Long Will it Take?

9th – It Starts With an Inkling

6th – The Comeback

5th – It’s Bin Night

4th – What Are You Leaving Behind?

3rd – When You Decide…

2nd – The Desire to Succeed

September 2017

29th – Coming Second Last

28th – Fear and Failure

27th – You Don’t Need Better Skills

26th – Stop Looking in the Funhouse Mirror

25th – But What About Tomorrow?

22nd – Or Maybe Not

21st – It’s Going to Cost You Something

20th – Just Start

19th – One Person

18th – What Are Your Words Inciting?

15th – Yes, But What Are You For?

14th – These Old Shoes

13th – Rejoice Always

12th – If Everything is in Bold, Nothing is in Bold

11th – Real Experience

8th – Real Experts Know That They’re Not

7th – It’s Not About the Last Time, It’s About the Next Time

6th – You Don’t Need To Eliminate Fear

5th – 8 Things You Should Do on Your Worst Day

4th – Smile and Move On

1st – There Are No Grudges in Heaven

August 2017

31st – May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears

30th – You Know

29th – Die With Memories, Not Dreams

28th – Anytime, Anywhere

25th – The Two Pianists – A Story About Developing Courage

24th – It’s Time To Step Up

23rd – Refine the Ugliness

22nd – You Only Need To Hear It Once

21st – Are You Buried or Are You Planted?

18th – If You Want Milk

17th – To Those Who Are Faithful in the Small Things

16th – We All Have a Belly

15th – Winning Isn’t Everything

14th – Will It Make the Situation Better?

11th – The Problem With Caged Lions

10th – Building the Staircase As You Climb It

9th – The Impact You Can Have on People You Will Never Meet

8th – Your Circumstances Don’t Decide Your Level of Success

7th – Your Capacity For Growth

4th – Please Don’t Call My Daughter “Pretty”

3rd – A Bad Morning Doesn’t Have To Become a Bad Day

2nd – You’re Already Strong

1st – You Need To Be Different To Make a Difference

July 2017

31st – Be Picky

28th – Be Highly Flammable

27th – Give Someone a Reason

26th – Who Do You Really Need To Convince?

25th – Weed and Feed

24th – The Difference Between the Professionals and the Amateurs

21st – Are You Cautious or Courageous?

20th –  Let’s Make the World a Nicer Place

19th – How Many Times Did You Say “Wow” Today?

18th – Is What You’ve Got Worth Catching?

17th – Better Than Bob

14th – What Flair Really Is

13th – What Can We Learn From Lightning Bugs?

12th – The Plodding Course

11th – Who Are You Unintentionally Inspiring?

10th – There May Not Be a Manual

7th – Logan’s Five Tips For Being a Good Friend

6th – Give Someone Hope Today

5th – The Door Is Wide Open

4th – What Happens on the Days When You Don’t Feel Motivated?

3rd – I Should, I Can, I Will, I Did

June 2017

30th – This is Why You Don’t Give Up

29th – Stop Avoiding Pain

28th – 3 Things That Great Coaches Do

27th – Here, I Made This

26th – Once You Start Flying

23rd – Whistle While You Work

22nd – Some Things You Never Regret

21st – What Do You Do With Failure?

20th – Your Great Escape

19th – The Work Done in Anonymity

16th – Be Not Afraid of Growing Slowly

15th – But What If It Doesn’t Work?

14th – Now the Work Starts

13th – Only Action Matters

12th – Grab the Bully By the Beard

9th – Choose Not To be a Victim

8th – What Is It For?

7th – You Owe It

6th – When You’re Fully Committed

5th – Doubts Are Like Weeds

2nd – Your Trademark

1st – Sweat First, Smile Later

May 2017

31st – You Don’t Have To Dumb Yourself Down

30th – We’re Just Getting Started

29th – The Right Amount of Dissatisfaction

26th – I Want To Speak To Your Supervisor

25th – The Music Comes From Within

24th – I Don’t Know

23rd – Make More Mistakes

22nd – The Purpose of a Florist

19th – Looking for the Right Reminders

18th – Valued and Valuable

17th – I Hope That Those Who Come After You Will Be Greater

16th – A Prayer for Clarity

15th – When You Fall, What Do You Land On?

12th – At the Stadium

11th – Hold On To Your Why

10th – What Will Happen Today?

9th – The Easy Path

8th – Outside the Tent

5th – There are Those…

4th – You’re Not a Spaniel

3rd – The Team That Wins

2nd – You Don’t Need Training Wheels Anymore

1st – It All Begins With You

April 2017

28th – There is Freedom Waiting For You

27th – The Groove You’re In

26th – We All Need a Safety Valve

25th – Courage Under Fire

24th – If It was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

21st – Be Careful Who You Listen To

20th – Maybe You Should Have Done It Years Ago

19th – What’s Overflowing From You?

18th – It’s Not Just a Job

17th – The Best Opportunity

14th – Thank You Jesus

13th – The Cynic in the Corner

12th – On Winning

11th – Embrace the Mess

10th – How Long Should You Persist For?

7th – Find Your Square Hole

6th – Wherever You Are, Keep Making Progress

5th – Capable of Something Spectacular

4th – What Will Your Rejection Lead To?

3rd – 10 Ways To Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

March 2017

31st – I’ll Get the Next One

30th – In Every Audience

29th – Don’t Forget Love

28th – Kids Haven’t Changed

27th – Just Because You Love Your Job, It Doesn’t Mean You Have To Stay There

24th – My Seven Year Itch

23rd – Sustain Your Enthusiasm

22nd – What Would You Say at Your Press Conference?

21st – Care More

20th – What Warriors Do

17th – The Prayer of Sir Francis Drake

16th – What Will I Do Today?

15th – Keep Coming Back For More

14th – Talent is Over-Rated

13th – All or Something

10th – One Conversation at a Time

9th – Remember What You Were Placed Here To Do

8th – How Many Times Are You Willing To Fall?

7th – Ornamental or Functional?

6th – What Does Your Fear Really Prevent?

3rd – Easy to Say, Hard To Do

2nd – Refuse to be Denied

1st – Pour Yourself Into Something Bigger

February 2017

28th – What Are You Repeating?

27th – You Will Stumble as You Go

24th – The Fear of Looking Stupid

23rd – In Case No-One Has Told You This in a While

22nd – Speed Humps in the Road

21st – What Precedes Momentum?

20th – Do It or Rue It

17th – What Are You Spreading?

16th – Without Passion

15th – Stay Ready

14th – My Favourite Valentine’s Day

13th – How To Build Resilience

10th – Plant Seeds For Tomorrow

9th – Is Your Cucumber Bitter?

8th – You Are Not Your Past

7th – Are You Paying Attention?

6th – Sometimes, You Gotta Walk in the Rain

3rd – Win the Battle Within

2nd – Brilliant Quotes – Frederick Douglass

1st – All First Drafts Stink

January 2017

31st – You Really Shouldn’t Be Surprised

30th – The Next One Matters Most

27th – Instill Hope

26th – Don’t Quit

25th – You’re Not Responsible For the Opportunities

24th – Do What You’re Good At

23rd – The Inevitable Struggle

20th – The Stationary Condition

19th – The Usefulness of a Fallen Log

18th – To Be Exceptional

17th – Make it Better

16th – Remember Why

13th – A Surprising Benefit of Reading

12th – Change Isn’t Easy

11th – Be an Over Believer

10th – Where Will You Find Your Ideas?

9th – At the End of 2017

6th – Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

5th – Stop Dabbling

4th – Every Day is an Extra Day

3rd – I Look Forward With Hope

2nd – New Years’ Revelations