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You-were-meant-to-flyThey can say whatever they want about you.

They can put down your aspirations.

They can wait for you to fail and say, “I told you so” when you do.

They can sneer and laugh and point at you.

They can give you a thousand reasons as to why your idea won’t work.

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In-the-world-that-weThe chef feels anxious about the meal that he has just served to the food critic.

The food critic feels confident as she gets to judge the chef and give the world her opinion.

The playwright feels anxious about opening night.  “Will they turn up?”  “Will they like it?”  She wonders.

The audience feels confident as they take their seats.  “Who else is here?”  “Will I like it?” They wonder.

The preacher feels anxious as he stands at the pulpit to deliver another message.

The congregation feels confident because no matter what is said, they can take it or leave it.

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Better-Sorry-Than-SafeBetter to have stuffed up trying to make the world a better place, than sitting there doing nothing.

Better to have been criticised and laughed at for your errors, than living your life avoiding criticism.

Better to have made mistakes that you could learn from, than staying ignorant.

Better to have things that you wish you could have done better, than having things that you wish you had done.

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What-if-I-get-to-the-endPenny the little penguin was hatched in a small burrow.

For the first few weeks of her life, all that she knew was the small, dark space that she called home.

Then her mum looked at her and said, “It’s time Penny.”

“Time for what mum?”

“It’s time to go out there, to swim in the ocean and catch fish.” her mum replied with a smile.

“But I’m scared,” said Penny, “I’ve heard that there are seals and foxes and sharks that want to eat me, and what if I can’t catch fish?  I like it in here, it’s safe and warm and it’s all that I know.  Why can’t I stay here forever?”

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You-have-a-reputation-DoSome people will try to tell you that they have a fantastic reputation.

But that’s not really the point of a reputation is it?  If you have to tell someone about it, is it really there?

Some people will tell you that they don’t have a reputation at all.

I’m not sure that that’s true either.  Surely someone has an opinion about them.

Then there are those who have a reputation that precedes them.

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To-someone-else-youreOther people have the ability to wow us with their brilliance and inspire us with their capabilities.

Other people have the ability to notice us when we’re having a bad day and help to lift us up.

Other people have the ability to lead the way when times get tough.

Other people have the ability to stand out from the crowd and be the voice of reason when everyone else is full of fear.

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The-victim-believes-theAuthor of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” Robin Sharma, recently said:

The victim believes the haters so stops the dream.

The icon knows that the better you become, the more you won’t fit in.

Here’s the deal.

You will be tempted sometimes to conform to the standards of everyone else around you.

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Are-you-an-alchemistAlchemy is the mythical ability to take a common element and turn it into gold.

It’s the stuff of legend and has been used by two of my favourite authors, Paulo Coelho and J.K. Rowling in two of their iconic books.

But is an alchemist just a work of fiction?

What about the person who has the ability to turn the negative mood of a group into a positive one?

What about the person who is able to identify and bring out the latent potential in others?

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What-if-what-we-neededWe’re constantly looking for the next da Vinci.

Athletes are often described as the next Jordan, Ali or Comaneci.

New entrepreneurs are often seen as the next Jobs.

Who will be the next Seinfeld, Spielberg, Lennon or Pavarotti?

And the next Churchill or Gandhi would surely be handy in a time of significant crisis.

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You-wont-get-pumpkinsIf you plant pumpkin seeds, you’ll get pumpkins.

If you plant tomato seeds, you’ll get tomatoes.

If you work hard, you’ll get results.

If you don’t work at all, you’ll get nothing.

If you keep reading and learning, you’ll have a fertile mind for years to come.

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