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There’s an old saying that if you’re being chased by a lion, you don’t need to be the fastest in your group, just don’t be the slowest.

Coming second last is tempting.

It doesn’t take much effort, you just need to better than one other person.  You only need to try when they start to catch up, but it doesn’t take much to keep your nose in front of them.

I’m not as bad as Jim, so I can’t be that bad.

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Iconic basketball coach John Wooden once said:

“The person who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success.  

The person who is not afraid of failure seldom has to face it.”

It’s a wonderful reminder to overcome your fear of failure if you want to achieve anything remarkable.

So today, be bold.

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You don’t need better skills.

You are already equipped with the talents and capabilities that you need to make the world a better place.

You don’t need better opportunities.

They are already all around you.

You don’t need better circumstances.

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Funhouse mirrors are designed to distort what we see, humourously making us look taller, shorter, fatter or skinnier than we really are.

Kids love them and they are always good for a laugh, but it’s not quite so funny when we distort other aspects of our lives.

Some people look at themselves and diminish their own potential, constantly putting themselves down and believing that they are incapable of doing anything meaningful or worthwhile.

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You could explode in anger.

You could rip people off.

You could deliver shoddy work.

You could bad mouth one of your peers.

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Maybe they were luckier than you.

Maybe they are more naturally talented.

Maybe they had an awesome mentor who gave them an advantage.

Maybe their surname opened doors.

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There’s a cost involved in living your best life.

It doesn’t come easily and it doesn’t come cheap.

It will cost you time.

It will cost you emotionally.

It will cost you when you care more about what you are trying to achieve than what the people around you do.

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Don’t wait until your circumstances are perfect… just start.

Don’t wallow in self-loathing because you didn’t start years ago… just start.

Don’t look too far ahead… just start.

Don’t listen to those who want to hold you back… just start.

Don’t allow your fears to restrain you… just start.

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One person…

With big dreams and bold aspirations…

With a lot of passion…

Taking lots of small steps…

With discipline and focus…

Who never gives up…

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Our words are very powerful, perhaps more than we truly understand.

And there are people who use their words to incite fear, suspicion and even hatred through their divisive and excessive language.

But that’s not we’re about.

We want a more positive world than that.

So what are your words inciting?

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