December 2020

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts From 2020

30st – My Favourite Books From 2020

29th – Without Any Labour, There Can Be No Merit

28th – What I’ve Learned This Year

25th – A Conspiracy of Love

24th – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

23rd – A Christmas Tree Without Decorations

22nd – Counting My Blessings Instead of Sheep

21st – The 2020 Christmas Message from Darren and the Family

18th – Sustaining the Obsession

17th – Once Upon a Time You Too Had Wings

16th – Thoughtful Presents, or Thoughtful Presence?

15th – Limited Time Only

14th – Don’t Waste it on Them

11th – Find the Bone

10th – Appreciate and Enjoy It

9th – Let Success Be Your Noise

8th – I Wish I Had Said No, But I’m Glad I Said Yes

7th – What About Them?

4th – Gratitude and Grumpiness

3rd – Sometimes, We Need a Reminder

2nd – This is My Time (and Yours)

1st – Are you Accepting or Creating?

November 2020

30th – Nurturing Ideas

27th – You Can’t Always Be Certain

26th – You Have To Believe

25th – Start Where You Are

24th – Enjoy the Little Things

23rd – Before the End of the Year

20th – Running in Sand

19th – The Focus of a Cheetah

18th – More Moments

17th – Are We Downhearted?

16th – Let’s Overwhelm the World

13th – Today Is Your Lucky Day

12th – You Won’t Always Win

11th – The Big Test

10th – You Belong Here

9th – A Terrible Rendition of Happy Birthday

6th – Today is Only One Day

5th – We May Disagree on a Lot

4th – The Satisfaction of a Good Day’s Work

3rd – Winning a Marathon

2nd – Don’t Despair

October 2020

30th – Be Prepared to Lose

29th – We See You

28th – Whatever You Do

27th – There’s Room at the Top

26th – Enjoy It

23rd – It’s Better To Play

22nd – In Any Weather

21st – Do You Want Them To Succeed?

20th – When You Speak Into Your Megaphone

19th – What If It Doesn’t Work Out?

16th – If You Can’t See the Positivity

15th – Ubiquitous Beige

14th – Tell Us Something About Yourself

13th – Pick up the Phone

12th – Fight the Hardest Battle

9th – Join Them

8th – Instead of Looking for Help

7th – Belief is a Currency

6th – Your Best Work, or a Body of Work?

5th – I’m Tryin’

2nd – We Live to Fight Another Day

1st – Don’t Just Marvel at the Performance

September 2020

30th – Ignoring the Angry Old Men

29th – Hoping to be Found

28th – Pages Unwritten

25th – Hearing the Unheard – A Story About Leadership

24th – Someone Needs You Today

23rd – Carry a Bucket of Water

22nd – Hope is Rising

21st – A Single Sunbeam

18th – The Formidable Razorback

17th – Your Best

16th – The Second Time Around is a Little Easier

15th – You Don’t Need a Manual

14th – A Thousand Smiles

11th – The Challenge Ahead

10th – Wear a Jacket

9th – Why We Are Given Dreams

8th – Keep Learning

7th – Just Make a Decision

4th – The Reason Your Staff Are Disengaged at Work

3rd – Beyond Today

2nd – Never Too Old

1st – There’s No Replacement for You

August 2020

31st – New Ears, Old Message

28th – Let No One Lose Heart

27th – One Area You Can Be Elite In

26th – Take That Shot Every Time

25th – Little Minds and Great Minds

24th – Enthusiasm Multiplies

21st – Details Come Later

20th – Flaws

19th – How Many Steps?

18th – The Three Arrows – A Story About Teamwork

17th – Don’t Focus on the Wrong Things

14th – What’s Important is the Moment

13th – Leadership is Something That I Have To Grow

12th – How Are You Coping?

11th – What Might Have Been?

10th – Write Your Own Headlines

7th – Don’t Suffer in Silence

6th – Surprise Us ( In a Good Way)

5th – We All Want To Be Resilient

4th – The Hours Don’t Suddenly Appear

3rd – What Do We Do With Fear?

July 2020

31st – I Wish I Had Learned to Sew

30th – Follow the Sun

29th – Look Around

28th – Take the Long Hard Look

27th – Coaching is a Profession of Love

24th – Nothing Can Take the Place of Persistence

23rd – If You Want To Go Far

22nd – Rise and Shine or Rise and Whine

21st – Big Enough

20th – There’s Just Us

17th – Choosing the Moments That Define Us

16th – A Bunch of Random Reasons To Do Great Work

15th – The Big Audition

14th – From the Cheap Seats

13th – Multiple Choice

10th – The Courage to Say, “I Don’t Know”

9th – Creating Small Positive Memories in the Midst of Chaos

8th – Don’t Lose It

7th – Winning or Competing?

6th – Don’t Let the Clover Take Over

3rd – An Expensive Rug and Your Goals

2nd – The Two Biggest Mistakes That Hold Us Back

1st – Thou Shalt Not Covet

June 2020

30th – It’s Only Half-Time

29th – Are You Relentless?

26th – Who Do I Need To Thank Today?

25th – Don’t Miss the Chance to be Positive

24th – Life’s Coming Attractions

23rd – Reading is to the Mind What Exercise is to the Body

22nd – Your Advice or Your Example?

19th – Savour Your Victories, Don’t Wallow in Your Defeats

18th – Creation Without Recognition

17th – When You Watch a Skyscraper Being Built

16th – It Couldn’t Be Done

15th – Do Less, More Often

12th – When You look in the Mirror

11th – The Right to be Called an Optimist

10th – How We Spend Our Days

9th – We Need Leaders

8th – Looking Forward To It

5th – What’s More Vivid, the Past or the Future?

4th – New Shoes, Old Shoes

3rd – Affirm the Belief

2nd – A Little Pâté on Your Crackers

1st – The World May Be Mean

May 2020

29th – Take it or Leave it

28th – Don’t Waste a Day

27th – You Don’t Need to Socially Distance Yourself on the Stairs

26th – What if You Looked at What You Do Differently?

25th – Three Things in Human Life are Important

22nd – Count Your Blessings (With No Buts)

21st – What’s the Best That Can Happen?

20th – Your Vantage Point Determines Your Perspective

19th – There’s a Door to Your Mind

18th – How People Are Discovered

15th – In Hindsight

14th – Which List Do You Refer To?

13th – The Best Version of You is Really For Us

12th – If You Can Smile Now

11th – If We Only Live Once

8th – Everyone’s Crazy (Except Me)

7th – How Was Your Day?

6th – Waste Not the Teachable Years

5th – It Doesn’t Matter What They Say

4th – Sometimes, When I Walk

1st – Stay Curious

April 2020

30th – It Will Take Something Different

29th – When in Doubt, Reach Out

28th – Future Memories of Hand Sanitizer

27th – Editing Privileges

24th – Two are Better than One

23rd – Be a Fomite of Enthusiasm

22nd – Let’s Bring Out the Best in Each Other

21st – Don’t Underestimate Your Impact

20th – You’re Good Enough

17th – Those Who Refresh Others

16th – Are You Being Fed, or Are You Feeding Yourself?

15th – Courage is Contagious

14th – A Splash of Beauty

13th – The Perfect Time for Kindness

10th – More Than Just Eggs

9th – And Then the Rain Came

8th – Time Is On Our Side

7th – You’re Doing It Wrong

6th – What Do You Use Your Strength For?

3rd – I Refuse to Stop Trying

2nd – It’s Humbling

1st – What Will You Remember?

March 2020

31st – Some Things Aren’t Limited

30th – Calm Me, O Lord

27th – Keep Your Head Up

26th – This Blog’s 10 Year Anniversary

25th – The Ultimate Measure of a Man

24th – It’s OK to Press Pause

23rd – I Wish I Could Say It Will Be OK

20th – An Indomitable Will

19th – We’ll Get Through This

18th – We Are All in This Together

17th – The Wall in Front of You

16th – But, What Difference Can I Make?

13th – Let the Struggle Give You Strength

12th – Give Yourself Permission

11th – 5 Alternatives To Shaking Hands

10th – You Don’t Have To

9th – Limited Edition

6th – After a Strike, Do You Keep Swinging?

5th – I Believe In You

4th – When You Have Exhausted All Possibilities

3rd – Some Progress Is Easy To Measure

2nd – Your Focus

February 2020

28th – A Little Bit of Progress

27th – When Jaylen Brown Scores 20

26th – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back From Trying

25th – It’s Got Your Fingerprints All Over It

24th – Travelling Companions

21st – Everyone Needs Encouragement

20th – Can You Have Too Many Good People In Your Life?

19th – Purpose + Passion = Unstoppable

18th – Get Ready

17th – Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic In It

14th – A Quarter of a Century

13th – What Should You Do When Life Doesn’t Go To Plan?

12th – Some Skills We’re Not Born With

11th – In the Short Term

10th – Your Life Has a Purpose, So Live With Purpose

7th – Don’t Take it For Granted

6th – Gambare

5th – On the Worst of Days

4th – Is it Really?

3rd – Don’t Get Distracted

January 2020

31st – You’re Not the Product of Chance

30th – Moving That Donkey

29th – If You Want To Move, You’ve Got To Move

28th – Only Half Awake

27th – Kobe Bryant – Far From Normal

24th – The Next One

23rd – In a Crisis

22nd – The Sun and the Wind – A Story About How To Influence Others

21st – The Interrelated Structure of Reality

20th – For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

17th – Help Them Walk Two Inches Taller

16th – Dreams Aren’t Just For When You’re Sleeping

15th – Every Day, Without Exception

14th – A Little Bit Uncomfortable

13th – When You Take the Train

10th – In the Midst of the Important Messages, One Stands Out

9th – The Past Should Be Our Teacher

8th – Captain Ahab Didn’t Chase Minnows

7th – Will You Do What You Are Capable Of?

6th – You Don’t Choose the If, You Choose the Then

3rd – Our Real Heroes

2nd – What Will You Discover?

1st – How 2020 Will Be Defined