December 2015

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015

30th – Greatness Takes Time

29th – Building Wells In Dry Places

28th – It Feels Good To Prove Them Wrong

25th – Joyful and Triumphant

24th – A Bird With an Injured Wing

23rd – Which Voice Do You Believe?

22nd – After You’re Gone

21st – ‘Tis the Season To Be…

18th – The 2015 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

17th – Fear Sells, But You Don’t Have to Buy

16th – Words Are Not Enough

15th – My Favourite Books from 2015

14th – If You Try To Fly

11th – Add “Not That”

10th – It Won’t Happen Overnight

9th – What the Tortoise and Hare Had in Common

8th – Why Ships Sink

7th – And the Adventure Continues

4th – Don’t Wait Any Longer

3rd – In the Midst of Chaos, There is Beauty

2nd – The Wishbone Will Never Replace the Backbone 

1st – All You Got Is Life Time

November 2015

30th – I’m Going To Take a Step Today

27th – Being Imperfect Doesn’t Make You Inadequate

26th – Why We Need Gratitude

25th – The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine

24th – The Paradox of Courage

23rd – Mastering the Balance Beam

20th – Pray, and Take an Umbrella – A Story About Faith

19th – Memories and Dreams

18th – Is It Possible To Incite Love?

17th – Are You Being Informed or Transformed?

16th – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

13th – 10 Things That I Want My Kids To Inherit

12th – Nothing Happens Until You Move

11th – Jimi Hendrix as a CEO

10th – Yesterday’s Achievements

9th – There’s Always One Compelling Reason Not To

6th – The Chess Game – A Story About Taking Charge of Your Life

5th – Reassurance Comes From Within

4th – You Have an Opportunity To Learn Something New Today

3rd – What Does Fear Really Prevent?

2nd – We Just Need You

October 2015

30th – Are You Tricking or Treating Yourself?

29th – Dessert Comes Last

28th – Only a Blank Canvas is Perfect

27th – Different Perspectives of a High Diving Platform

26th – Cut the Blue Wire!

23rd – Make the Change or Stop Compaining

22nd – We Need Temerity

21st – The Potential In Every Violin

20th – Lukewarm Is No Good

19th – What Are They Driving Past?

16th – Free Range Hens – A Story About Existing or Living

15th – The Future Belongs to the Starry Eyed

14th – You’re Good For Something

13th – You Can’t Skip the Struggle

12th – Life Is Incredibly Precious

9th – Scratch That Itch

8th – What Should You Do When All Of Your Hard Work Is Wasted?

7th – Check the Small Print When You Sign Up For Greatness

6th – Looking For the Right Reason

5th – In Every Moment

2nd – Stop Pretending

1st – Just Put One Foot In Front of the Other

September 2015

30th – Don’t Let Them Clip Your Wings

29th – Anxiety and Confidence

28th – Better Sorry Than Safe

25th – The Little Penguin – A Story About the Courage You Need

24th – Your Reputation

23rd – Other People

22nd – The Better You Become, the More You Won’t Fit In

21st – Are You an Alchemist?

18th – We Don’t Need the Next

17th – You Won’t Get Pumpkins from a Tomato Seed

16th – The Risk In Living Your Best Life

15th – Poco a Poco

14th – The 10 Commandments of Winners

11th – Move From the Design Phase to the Building Phase

10th – Go To Them, They Won’t Come To You

9th – Why I Want My Kids To Fail

8th – You Don’t Have To

7th – Outside Your Front Door

4th – The First Million is the Hardest

3rd – The Problem With Asylum Seekers

2nd – Not the Victory, But the Action

1st – Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

August 2015

31st – Oliver Sacks, Gone and Irreplaceable

28th – Dog Hair and Sleepless Nights

27th – Your Part in the Orchestra

26th – Should You Stand Out From the Crowd?

25th – What Personal Development Isn’t

24th – Are You Listening Or Talking To Yourself?

21st – Your Hair Always Grows Back

20th – What Matters More, Your Intentions Or Your Actions?

19th – Do What’s Necessary

18th – One At a Time

17th – Suffer Today

14th – It’s Time To Find Out

13th – The Difference Between Dreams and Goals

12th – What Are Your Kids Invisibly Learning From You?

11th – Is It Time To Open Your Gifts?

10th – Your Future Depends On Many Things

7th – Push That Cow Over the Precipice – A Story About What We Rely Upon

6th – The Grind Comes Before the Glory

5th – Melbourne Weather and How We Look At Life

4th – The Possibility of Today

3rd – Sometimes, You Just Need a Small Victory

July 2015

31st – Do Something That Makes You Feel Nervous Today

30th – Are You Counting the Days, Or Making the Days Count?

29th – It’s a Wild World

28th – The Indefatigable One

27th – The Worst Day Ever Poem

24th – If You Can’t Take the Heat

23rd – When In Doubt, Do It Again

22nd – Excited and Daunted (Mostly Daunted)

21st – Together We Shine

20th – It Seems Like Yesterday

17th – Do You Take Dictation, Or Are You Writing the Script?

16th – 10 Things You Should Never Stop Looking For

15th – Your Luggage Doesn’t Decide Your Destination

14th – You Don’t Have To Be Great To Get Started

13th – Talent Doesn’t Matter, Impact Does

10th – The Soldiers, the Corporal and George Washington – A Story About Leadership

9th – We All Love Minions (Just Don’t Be One)

8th – The Mystery of the Second Step

7th – Move From “I Can’t” to “I Did”

6th – You Have To Fight For Your Dreams

3rd – There’s Still More To Be Done

2nd – We Are What We Repeatedly Do

1st – Do You Ever Get the Feeling That Someone Is Watching You?

June 2015

30th – The 4 Spires You Need To Get To the Top

29th – Something Out Of the Ordinary

26th – A Pebble in My Shoe – A Story About Dealing with Problems

25th – A Dog Doesn’t Take Itself For a Walk

24th – Hang Up On Your Hang Ups

23rd – Let Us Sing As We Go

22nd – Scratch Under the Surface

19th – Do What You’re Meant to Do

18th – Choose Wisely!

17th – You’re Valuable

16th – Enjoy the Battle

15th – We’re All a Little Bit Weird

12th – Grind It Out and Get Better

11th – Inspirational People – Matt Dellavedova

10th – It’s Time To Free Your Dreams

9th – Your Past Leaves Bruises, Not Tattoos

8th – On a Whim

5th – The Problem With Following the Crowd

4th – 3 Lessons From a 92-Year-Old Marathon Runner

3rd – Who Are You Trying To Be Better Than?

2nd – An Oak Tree in a Barrel

1st – Cross Country, Nerves and the Choices We Have

May 2015

29th – There’s an Easy and a Hard Road To Success

28th – Don’t Become a Prisoner To Your Feelings

27th – Vestigial Skills

26th – Inspirational People – Neale Daniher

25th – Communicate Like a Whale

22nd – Sometimes It’s Better To Fail Than To Succeed

21st – What Can We Learn From Ravens?

20th – Knowing, Hoping and Thinking

19th – Are You Inspired or Are You Exceptional?

18th – Explore. Dream. Discover.

15th – The Three-Legged Dog

14th – Are You Avoiding or Embracing Uncertainty?

13th – Can One Person Really Change the World?

12th – We Climb Up and Slide Down

11th – Make Today’s Ceiling Tomorrow’s Floor

8th – Rough Seas Make Great Sailors

7th – Inspirational People – Glenn Cunningham

6th – Smiling is the New Black

5th – What People Will Say About You One Day

4th – How Times Have Changed

1st – Are You Running or Dawdling?

April 2015

30th – Premeditated Goodness

29th – The Best Kind of Motivation

28th – 10 Thoughts For the Next Time You Feel Like Giving Up

27th – You Don’t Get the Rainbow Without the Rain

24th – The Real Danger

23rd – 10 Unstoppable Forces

22nd – It’s Amazing What Just A Little Bit More Will Do

21st – Walk Tall

20th – Stop Rejecting Yourself

17th – Spot the Difference

16th – Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

15th – Paul Pierce’s Advice Regarding Greatness

14th – Inevitably…

13th – Don’t Cap the Dreams of Your Kids

10th – The Lawyer and the Wallet – A Story About Gratitude

9th – You Need Stronger Shoulders, Not Lighter Burdens

8th – Stalk Your Goals

7th – Cristiano Ronaldo and Perfection

6th – Your Abilities Are Tools Not Toys

3rd – The Battle Is Already Won

2nd – Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

1st – Who’s the Fool?

March 2015

31st – Are You Nervous?

30th – Is It Time To Shed Your Skin?

27th – Forging A Katana

26th – This Blog’s Five Year Anniversary

25th – Do It With a Smile

24th – We Got a Puppy! (A Lesson in Persistence)

23rd – Weapons of Mass Distraction

20th – The Candle and the Fire – A Story About Staying Motivated

19th – The Best Time To Take Action

18th – A List of Things That Can’t Move or Change Direction By Themselves

17th – Stop Whispering

16th – The Five Emotional Stages of Blogging

13th – Surprise Yourself

12th – Success Isn’t Always About Greatness

11th – If You Can’t Find Anything Encouraging To Say, You’re Not Looking Hard Enough

10th – Whatever You Do, Work At It With All Your Heart

9th – You Won’t Score If You Don’t Shoot

6th – Today Isn’t Just Another Day

5th – Some Questions At the End of a Busy Day

4th – 10 Years Ago Today, My Life Changed Forever

3rd – Don’t Look For the One Big Hit

2nd – You’re Making Decisions, Not Sacrifices

February 2015

27th – Watering the Desert – A Story About Making a Positive Difference

26th – The Person Who Never Failed

25th – Don’t Give Your Children Leftovers

24th – It’s Easy To Say Nothing

23rd – The Best or Your Best?

20th – You’re a Name, Not a Number

19th – They Will Forget What You Say

18th – Hoping or Working?

17th – How Did I Get Here?

16th – Dreams Without Goals Remain Dreams

13th – Eagles Don’t Hunt Flies

12th – Point to the Passer

11th – A Tribute To My Dad

10th – Voluntary Captivity

9th – Progress, Not Perfection

6th – How Do You Stop Someone Who Has a Purpose?

5th – What If You Never Achieve Your Goals?

4th – If We Did All the Things We Are Capable Of

3rd – Footprints in the Snow

2nd – What You Say Will Affect Your Day

January 2015

30th – Bored To Death – A Story About Why We Need Work

29th – If Something’s Worth Doing

28th – You’re Not a Lizard

27th – I Don’t Just Want To Read About History

26th – Inspirational People – Rosie Batty

23rd – The Feral You

22nd – Walking on Rocky Ground

21st – Will I Make It?

20th – My Favourite Martin Luther King Story

19th – The Doers and the Dour

16th – What Happens Next?

15th – A Braver Version Of Yourself

14th – Recyclable Thoughts

13th – Is the World Changing You, Or Are You Changing the World?

12th – Look Out For That Last Hurdle

9th – The Voice That Winners Listen To

8th – Truly Remarkable Work

7th – Your Purpose If You Don’t Know Your Purpose

6th – Accidental Mediocrity

5th – The Choices That You Make This Year

2nd – My Goals For 2015

1st – 2015 – The Year of Light