December 2014

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts From 2014

30th – Fix Your Bayonets

29th – The Internal Conversations That We All Have

26th – Walking in Unfillable Shoes

25th – The Risk That God Took At Christmas

24th – Come and Get It

23rd – The View From the Bottom and the View From the Top

22nd – Because Of, Or Despite?

19th – The 2014 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

18th – We’re All Elevator People

17th – My Favourite Books From 2014

16th – Don’t Fail Before You Start

15th – What I Want For My Kids This Christmas

12th – Life Is Not a Train Journey

11th – You’re Stronger Than You Think

10th – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

9th – It Ain’t Over Yet

8th – The Two Most Important Days In Your Life

5th – Lego’s Instructions To Parents

4th – The Difference Between a LinkedIn Profile and a Resume

3rd – You Can’t Claim Your Future While You Blame Your Past

2nd – Good Bad Feelings

1st – No-one Wants To Be Wrong

November 2014

28th – Life Is Fragile and Fleeting

27th – When You Water the Garden

26th – To the Resilient One

25th – How To Build Confidence For the Big Moments

24th – Focus on Your Own Lane

21st – The Young Cheetah – A Story About the Voices That Influence Us

20th – Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment

19th – Were You Born To Fit In, Or To Stand Out?

18th – Talk is Cheap

17th – If You Can Get an A, Don’t Settle For a B

14th – When the Animals Prayed – A Story About Our Calling

13th – Is There Such a Thing as a Job For Life Any More?

12th – Roses Come With Thorns

11th – The Greatest Tragedy in Life Is Not Death…

10th – Give Thanks In All Circumstances

7th – 5 Choices You Have When You Hit Rock Bottom

6th – The Excellence Dilemma

5th – Inexorable Progress

4th – Rickey Henderson’s Million Dollar Cheque

3rd – Be That One Today

October 2014

31st – When You Look At a Caterpillar, What Do You See?

30th – Inspirational People – Munjed Al Muderis

29th – I Would Rather Be Ashes Than Dust

28th – What You Should Fear the Most

27th – It’s What Happens After You Fall That Matters

24th – The Unhappy Farmer – A Story About Contentment

23rd – Yes, You Can

22nd – I Do Believe, Help Me Overcome My Unbelief

21st – Inflating a Blimp With a Bicycle Pump

20th – Not Everyone Needs To Believe In Your Dreams

17th – Praying To Win the Lottery – A Story About the Need For Action

16th – If It’s Not Easy, You’re Probably On the Right Track

15th – Pointless Parenting

14th – If It Looks Like an Opportunity

13th – E. B. White’s Letter of Hope

10th – The Gloomy Frog – A Story About Being a Victim

9th – Small Actions, Massive Impact

8th – You Matter

7th – A Person With a Cause

6th – The World Ain’t All Sunshine and Rainbows

3rd – Get a Bigger Frying Pan – A Story About Our Aspirations

2nd – A Day Ending in “Y”

1st – Do It Out of Joy, Not Obligation

September 2014

30th – One Day You Will Look Back…

29th – The Warrior Within Us All

26th – What Can We Learn From Piranhas?

25th – The World Is a Scary (and Magnificent) Place

24th – How To Create an Empire

23rd – The Shadow of a Great Opportunity

22nd – If You Really Want It, You Will Find It

19th – How Much Money Do You Need To Start a Business?

18th – What Are You Saying Yes To?

17th – The Difference Between a Cook and a Chef

16th – Don’t Wish That Life Was Easier

15th – Flapping Your Wings Isn’t the Same as Flying

12th – 10 Random Thoughts For the Weekend

11th – Seek Wisdom

10th – What Every Professional Has In Common

9th – Tastes Like Chicken

8th – Joan Rivers the Optimist

5th – The Frozen Coachman – A Story About Real Compassion

4th – Life Has No Remote Control

3rd – If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway

2nd – Take Your Goals To Another Level

1st – Dare To Dream

August 2014

29th – How Do You Eat an Elephant?

28th – Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait

27th – The Secret Behind the Very Best Resumes

26th – Before and After

25th – You Will Be Judged By Your Actions

22nd – The Singing Window Cleaner

21st – Wrong Question

20th – Do You Seek Comfort or Courage?

19th – Imagine an Extraordinary Future

18th – There’s Only One Guarantee

15th – Insult the Dead – A Story About Forging Your Path

14th – The Choice You Have in Every Coaching Opportunity

13th – Inspirational People – Robin Williams

12th – Fake Falcons and Your Fears

11th – It’s the Dash That Matters

8th – Beyond Special – A Story For My Son

7th – Are You Intimidated or Inspired By Your Goals?

6th – When Life Gives You Lemons

5th – Before You Conquer the World

4th – What Are You For?

1st – Just Play the Cards That You’ve Been Dealt

July 2014

31st – Life is a Series of Jump Shots

30th – Get Off the Couch and Start…

29th – Is There a Statute of Limitations on Your Dreams?

28th – My Two Alternate Dream Worlds

25th – Always Take a Book

24th – Inspirational People – The Forest Man, Jadav Payeng

23rd –’s Three Tips For Superstardom

22nd – Do You Live in a Pond or in the Ocean?

21st – Ideas and Action

18th – They Or You?

17th – It’s Not Enough To Get a Job

16th – The Creed of the Optimist

15th – The Difference Between a Wise Person and a Great Person

14th – Be Relentless

11th – The Two Jaguars – A Story About Loving Your Job

10th – Brilliant Quotes – Dr Suess

9th – The Opposite of Schadenfreude

8th – Slipping Through Your Fingers

7th – How the Grand Canyon Was Formed

4th – When the Penguin Looked at the Eagle – A Story About Accepting Who We Are

3rd – 5 Things I Learned From Three Days of Fasting

2nd – Use It Or Lose It

1st – Chasing Two Rabbits

June 2014

30th – How To Respond When Your Dreams Are Destroyed

27th – The Smallest Light Shines a Long Way in the Darkness

26th – Ideas Are Like Shark Teeth

25th – That First Step

24th – What To Remember When You Get Rejected

23rd – Expect Great Things, Attempt Great Things

20th – No Child Should Live In Detention Centres

19th – What Can We Learn From Highland Cattle?

18th – It’s Time To Get Rid of the Rats

17th – How To Leave Your Competition Behind

16th – The Drought Will Break

13th – Joga Bonito

12th – Are You Out of Your Depth, Or Learning to Swim?

11th – Get Out of the Cave

10th – When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking

9th – Limited and Unlimited, Don’t Get Them Confused

6th – They Can’t Stop You

5th – Why I Need to Walk More Often

4th – You Have a Gift.  Use It!

3rd – Nerves Are Your Friend

2nd – A Life Without Obstacles

May 2014

30th – Do You Have To, or Do You Get To?

29th – Brilliant Quotes – Maya Angelou

28th – Now is the Time

27th – Don’t Break the Chain

26th – You Will Be Judged or You Will Be Ignored

23rd – Singing in the Mud – A Story About the Power of Hope

22nd – Do the Most With What You’ve Got

21st – I Will Press On

20th – Should Your Child Start a Blog?

19th – You’re Not a Tree!

16th – Where the Gold Is – A Story About Never Giving Up

15th – Inspirational People – Stephen Sutton

14th – Why It’s Important to Make Progress Each Day

13th – Inspirational People – Tommy Hafey

12th – The Difference That Encouragement Makes

9th – The Dirty Laundry – A Story About Judging Others

8th – Have You Made Art Today?

7th – Someone You Meet This Week

6th – How To Respond To Pressure Situations

5th – The Difference Between What We Do and What We Can Do

2nd – The Dead Tomato Plant – A Story About Focusing On What We Control

1st – Where the Journey To Greatness Begins

April 2014

30th – Don’t Underestimate Your Potential

29th – What Can We Learn From Tasmanian Devils?

28th – Who Dares Doesn’t Just Win

25th – Action Versus Passivity

24th – Stop Singing Covers

23rd – A Mighty Warrior or the Least of the Least?

22nd – Thanks Boston For Inspiring Us

21st – It’s Time To Overcome Your Fears

18th – Why is it Called Good Friday?

17th – Your Standards and Your Exceptions

16th – Good Deeds and Messiness

15th – You Can’t Make Progress on a Carousel

14th – There Will Come a Day

11th – The Marathon Runner – A Story About Progressing Towards Your Goals

10th – You Never Save Just One Turtle

9th – An Army of One

8th – Motive, Means and Opportunity

7th – The Road Is Made By Walking

4th – Why You Need Better Goals

3rd – Brilliant Quotes – C.S. Lewis

2nd – How to Become More Certain About the Future

1st – I Met a Foolish Man Today

March 2014

31st – I’m Not There Yet, But I’m Getting There

28th – How To Create Your Own Luck

27th – Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

26th – This Is Courage

25th – Boring is Under-rated

24th – We Are What We Do

21st – You Decide

20th – I Love Chocolate, I Hate Chocolate

19th – How To Build the Biggest Building In Town

18th – Say No To Good Enough

17th – Never Mistake Activity With Achievement

14th – How To Stop Hyenas From Laughing – A Story About Dealing With Critics

13th – It’s Really Hard

12th – When Record Companies Ruled the World

11th – Is it a Comma or a Full Stop?

10th – Enjoy Every Bite

7th – The Ant and the Grasshopper – A Story About Building for the Future

6th – More Wow Moments, Please

5th – Are You Living By Design or Default?

4th – We’re All Chameleons

3rd – Only Action Is Action

February 2014

28th – The Progression From Helplessness to Empowerment

27th – In a Garage Somewhere

26th – Just Give It a Go

25th – How Many Grains of Sand?

24th – Are You Looking For a New Challenge?

21st – We Need You To Be You

20th – The Most Effective Way To Snap Out of a Bad Mood

19th – 5 Questions That Hiring Managers Ask Themselves

18th – Do You Remember?

17th – A False Start is Better Than a Non-Start

14th – 19 Things That I Love About My Wife

13th – Nobody’s a Nobody

12th – Ask, Seek, Knock

11th – We Will Not Be Daunted

10th – An Open Letter To Anyone Who’s Ever Had a Bad Day at Work

7th – The 18th Camel – A Story About Innovative Problem Solving

6th – Anything Can Be

5th – Pregnant With Possibilities

4th – The Prayer of Resilience

3rd – Jerry Sloan’s Strategy for Winning

January 2014

31st – Heaven and Hell – A Story About Self-Control

30th – If I Had a Hammer

29th – Be a Dolphin, Not a Jellyfish

28th – Great Expectations

27th – You’re Not Most People

24th – Why the Kangaroo and Emu are on the Australian Coat of Arms

23rd – The Difference Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

22nd – What Will Your Future Self Say?

21st – Every Person is Unique (and Why That Matters)

20th – Inspirational People – Denis Istomin (and his Mother)

17th – 1000th Post

16th – No-one Was Born Great

15th – I Just Can’t Find the Time

14th – The Myth of the Fearless Warrior

13th – If You Think You Can Get Away With It

10th – Be a Lake, Not a Glass – A Story About How To Deal With Challenges

9th – If You’ve Got a Pulse, You’ve Got a Purpose

8th – The Difference Between Kicking and Shooting for Goal

7th – Why I Admire Lex Luthor and the Joker

6th – You Yourself Must Change

3rd – The Moment You Believe

2nd – The Biggest Risk That You’ll Take This Year

1st – 2014 – The Year of the Ruckus