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I wrote a post that was really bad and tanked.

I’ll get the next one.

I took a call from a potential client, but was unable to close the deal and get them booked in.

I’ll get the next one.

I tried to teach my kids an important life principle, but it didn’t quite work out the way I had planned.

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Over the years, I’ve spoken in a wide range of contexts, including schools, churches, corporate seminars, Rotary Clubs and community groups, with sizes ranging from a handful to hundreds.

And of course, this blog is read by people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

In every audience that I’m either speaking or writing to, there is one thing in common.

Without exception, every audience has someone with the potential to change the world in a remarkable way.

It could be the 5 year old girl, sitting wide-eyed in the front row.

Or the cynical high school student sitting closer to the back.

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In between doing the work.

And the interactions with clients (the nice ones and the rude ones).

And the taxi driving for the kids.

And helping them with their homework.

And the exercise.

And the writing.

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Karen and I were just discussing this issue a couple of days ago, when I stumbled across this quote from South Carolina basketball coach, Frank Martin:

“You know what makes me sick to my stomach?  

When I hear grown people say that kids have changed.  

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Since I finished school in 1989 (yes, I’m that old), and before starting my own business, I have worked for 4 organisations.  I worked for a major bank, a telecommunications company and two different church denominations.  In most of those organisations, I held multiple roles and had the privilege of working with, and for, some great people.

As I reflect upon my career, I can honestly say that I loved each of the jobs that I had.  There may have been aspects of these roles that I didn’t enjoy, or that didn’t match my skills, but overall, they were positive experiences that taught me a lot and prepared me for where I am today.

But if I genuinely loved them, why did I move on?

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This weekend marks the seven year anniversary of this blog.

What started as a simple idea has become a mild obsession that now has over 1,800 posts.  From humble beginnings, this blog has now been read by well over 1.5 million people from all over the world and has had a far great impact and influence than I could possibly have imagined when I first started.

But I have an itch.

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Today is the first day of the AFL season here in Australia and is a very exciting day for me.

Round one.

Richmond versus Carlton.

Clash of traditional rivals.

Ding, ding, ding!

I support the Richmond Football Club, and every year, I fall into the trap of looking forward to the season with great hope and enthusiasm.

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As a passionate sports fan, I enjoy watching the press conference after the game to see the response from the winning and losing coaches.

Some rant and rave about umpiring decisions.

Some bemoan their bad luck.

Some take the blame for any losses, but give the credit to others for any victories.

Some do the opposite.

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Today I want to encourage you to care more:

About the people you work with and those who work for you.

About the standard of the work that you are producing, especially when no-one is watching.

About the kind of role-model that you are for your kids.

About your local community.

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A warrior feels fear, yet still goes into battle.

A warrior has doubts, yet still has faith.

A warrior spends hours in mundane practice, so that on the battlefield, the basics are done instinctively.

A warrior knows that there is more to learn from defeat than victory.

A warrior is calm in the chaos and resilient when under fire.

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