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It’s scary how bad we were when we first started.

That first piece of writing.

That first attempted sale.

That first tee shot.

Embarrassing.  Diabolical.  Scary bad.

And when we look back on our current work in a few years’ time, what we’re doing now will look scary bad as well.

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Do you have wishes or goals?

Do you dream about a better tomorrow, or take action towards it.

Do you hope that you will get better results, or do you have a plan that you are implementing to make that happen?

Is your ideal future just as far away as it has ever been, or are you making gradual progress towards it?

Do you talk about what you would like to do, or do you shut up and take meaningful action?

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At the end of the day, what will you be saying to yourself?

Did you give everything you had?

Did you aim for excellence?

Did you make a positive contribution to the people around you?

Did you learn something new?

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One of my favourite writers, Seth Godin, recently said,

“If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.”

This quote reminds me that we are blessed to be a blessing.

There are many of us who are doing OK in life.

Work is good, our families are going well, life is grand.

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Before a dam wall breaks, there’s a drip.

Then another drip.

And another drip.

Eventually, water starts gushing through the gap.

It’s like the well known story of the stonecutter.

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I love the imagery of an intrepid explorer (is there any other kind?) slashing his way through the thick African jungle with a machete.

The sweat is flowing and the flies are swarming as he slowly makes his way through the vines and trees in his way.

It looks like a lot of hard work, but that’s what he has to do to get to his destination.

Of course, there’s an easier path.

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I know that there are lots of things to complain about, both in the world and in the people around you, but today I want to encourage you to accentuate the positive.

Think about all of the great attributes that your kids have.

And then tell them.

Remind yourself of all of the reasons that you feel in love with your spouse.

And then fall in love with them again.

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In garages all over the world, there are unused exercise machines collecting dust.

Treadmills, benches, exercise bikes.

They each have the potential to make their owners fitter and healthier and were bought with good intentions, but they just sit there.

What a waste.

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What’s getting your attention?

And for how long?

And is it undivided attention?

Are you thinking about the solutions to complex problems?

Are you poring over great books in a place of solitude and quiet?

Are you watching your kids as they play and grow before your eyes?

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One friend is better than none.

One sale is better than none.

One positive thought about the world is better than none.

One action towards your goals is better than none.

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