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It’s not always possible to be the smartest person in the room.

But you can be the most prolific reader.

Smart is based on natural talent, but reading is based on effort.

You get to control that level of effort.

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Penguins dive into the water every day to chase a hearty meal of fish.

Leopards go out and hunt for their prey.

Giraffes wander around the savannah looking for trees with the fresh shoots that they eat.

Hummingbirds fly throughout the forest looking for nectar filled flowers.

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When you delivered excellent service to an angry customer.

When you made someone’s day better.

When you looked someone in the eye and smiled.

When you worked passionately on a project.

When you cleaned up after everyone else.

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We need to demand more from our politicians.

We need character, not charisma.

Substance, not style.

30 year visions, not 3 word slogans.

We need to demand more from what we read.

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Whether you’re here, or whether you’re away.

Whether you’re giving your best, or just mailing it in.

Whether you’re learning new skills, or repeating the same old same old.

Whether you’re encouraging, or detracting.

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The choirs of heaven gained a new lead singer this week with the sad passing of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

As I pondered the legacy of this remarkable artist, one quote from her stood out:

“What is auto-tune? I don’t even know what auto-tune is.”

What strikes me about this line is that it doesn’t mean that she didn’t need something like auto-tune because she never missed a note.

It means that as an artist, Aretha understood that authenticity beats perfection.

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What will you learn today?

What will you learn tomorrow?

What about the next day?

And the day after that?

It doesn’t have to be dramatic.

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A politician won’t get 100% of the vote.

Not everyone has an iPhone.

And it would be boring if everyone supported the same football team.

Your goal isn’t to please everyone.

It’s to find your market.

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You’re invited to live your best life.

To maximise your skills.

To stand out from the crowd.

To care.

To do remarkable work.

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Most organisations have a set of values or mission statement.

They are created with much consultation and launched with great fanfare.

They are painted on the entrance to the office in large, bold letters.

And far too often, that’s virtually the last we hear of them.

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