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You may think that you are fragile.

You may think that you can’t handle any more disappointments or rejections.

You may place yourself out of harms way where you can’t get hurt.

But you’re not as fragile as you think you are.

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It most likely wasn’t one massive leap that got you to where you are today, but a thousand small steps.

Lots of little, daily decisions.

Lots of humble, repeated actions.

If you’re not happy about where that has led you, don’t look for the one magic response that will solve all of your problems.

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Today, our kids went back to school.  It was an exciting time as Hayden started High School and Madison and Logan entered Year 4.

And they were joined by thousands of kids around Australia who put their uniforms on, packed their bags and ventured back to the classroom for another year.

But what about us adults?

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Extraordinary blind long jumper Lex Gillette tells a story about when he was jumping for his high school at an event at the University of North Carolina about 8 years after he became blind.

Coach Brian Whitmer was his long jump caller, which meant that he was responsible for clapping and yelling so that Lex would know where to run and jump from.

They had a horrible start.  The coach’s claps were drowned out by the cheering fans, who were amplified by the indoor stadium and his voice just echoed through the stadium.

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Today, wherever you are, I want you to rub two sticks together.

To create fire.

To light up a room.

To bring the heat.

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Writer and avid runner, Haruki Marukami once interviewed the great Japanese marathon runner Toshihiko Seko, soon after he had retired from running.

He asked him, “Does a runner at your level ever feel like you’d rather not run today, like you don’t want to run and would rather just sleep in?”

Seko stared at the writer and then simply and sternly replied, “Of course. All the time!”

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Imperfect action is better than a perfect plan.

An imperfect presentation is better than a perfect idea in your head.

An imperfect real life is better than a perfect social media profile.

An imperfect performer is better than a perfect audience member.

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You don’t have to care about what you do.

You can just go through the motions, watching the clock, waiting for the weekend.

You can float aimlessly from week to week.

You can ignore the problems around you.

You can do an OK, passable, moderately competent job.

Most other people do.

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When a sports car drives past, it turns heads.

For the fleeting moment that it’s within view, it looks great and we’re all temporarily impressed.

The sound, the sleek lines and then, vroom, it’s gone.

Alternatively, the roller looks much less impressive.

It moves slowly, inexorably, as it does its job.

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I know that there are negative aspects of life.

That bad things happen to good people.

That life isn’t always fair and sometimes our efforts are in vain.

But today I want to encourage you to focus on the positives.

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