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There are things that you know, that I don’t.

And I trust that I know one or two things that you don’t as well.

There are perspectives that are unique to you.  And to me.

You have a back-story full of experiences that I can only imagine.

And I have seen and done things that you may have not yet encountered.

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I’ve heard of stories of people who have had a heart attack when running.

I don’t want to have a heart attack, so I had better not start running.

But is that really the way it works?

Then there are those who have launched their own business, only to work ridiculously long hours only for it to not work out.

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You don’t have to accept defeat.

You don’t have to assume that you will never make it.

You don’t have to just shrug your shoulders and throw your hands up in the air in exasperation.

You don’t have to treat this rut as a yawning chasm.

You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances.

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You’ve gotta get your heart racing.

You’ve gotta bring enthusiasm to your work every day.

You can’t deliver great results without it.

You can’t be an inspiring leader without it.

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When you aim for a massive goal, it can be daunting to know where to start.

It’s easy to get so intimidated and daunted that you never get moving.

Today, I want to encourage you to start with one.

One conversation.

One chapter.

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Karen needed a new toothbrush, so in true Scottish tradition, she bought two for the price of one and now I have a new toothbrush as well.

I didn’t feel as though I really needed one, despite the recommendations that we should change every 6 months.  Seriously?  I think that they just want to sell more toothbrushes, but I digress.

I tried the new one and didn’t like it.

It was different.

It felt unusual.

I want my old toothbrush back!

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A young eagle was about to graduate from his nest, when he saw a large pig running around in the forest below.

“Ooh, that looks yummy,” he said.

“No dear,” his mum said, “you’re not ready to hunt something so big yet.  Start with mice.”

Being a good lad, the young eagle listened to his mum and learned how to hunt mice proficiently.

Then his mind began to wander towards his original goal of catching pigs again.

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A good piano player uses both hands.

A good carpenter has strong shoulders.

A good teacher is able to use her voice effectively.

A good salesperson needs to be able to listen.

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Whilst we’re working hard to meet challenging goals.

Whilst we’re maintaining our discipline in the face of a stream of seemingly endless distractions.

Whilst we’re going to the gym to become chiseled.

Whilst we’re trying to build our careers or businesses.

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Where does the spark come from?

From the people around you?

From your boss?

From spending time in the great outdoors?

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