Whatever you do today, find a way to connect with someone.

We may not be able to do it the way we used to, but find a way.

It could be with your best friend, a close family member or someone you haven’t spoke with in over 20 years.

It doesn’t really matter.

If you can have a coffee, do it.

If shaking (sterilised) hands is acceptable, go for it.

If you have to do it remotely, then pick up the phone or make a video call.

But let’s connect.

Any excuse will do.

Let’s fight the scourge of loneliness.

Let’s alleviate the anxiety that people are feeling.

Let’s help others to feel valuable. Noticed. Heard. Accepted.

And in doing so, let’s understand that this isn’t just a charitable act, but it will have incalculable benefits for us as well.

So, who will you connect with first?