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Dont-tell-us-what-youreI hear people say that they’re passionate about helping those less fortunate than them.

But they spend all of their spare time in the garden.

I hear people say that they’re passionate about starting their own business.

But they spend their evenings on the couch in front of the television.

I hear people say that they’re passionate about their kids.

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Under-construction-butI read the bible every day and a couple of nights ago, I stumbled upon this phrase to describe the rebuilding of the temple in Ezra 5:16.

“Under construction, but not yet finished.”

As so often happens when I read the bible, the words jumped off the page at me.

It’s a phrase that describes my present situation, and I hope yours.

You see, I may be 44 years old, but I’m still learning.

I’m still growing.

There are still a lot of mistakes to make along the way.

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Do-all-the-good-you-canI recently stumbled upon this extraordinary quote from the great John Wesley:

Do all the good you can.

By all the means you can.

In all the ways you can.

In all the places you can.

At all the times you can.

To all the people you can.

As long as ever you can.

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Thoughts-are-niceA man once thought that it would be a good idea to exercise more.

A friend of his had a fantastic idea for a business.

The friend’s husband occasionally thought that he should be a better father and spend less time at work.

His sister had a great idea for a blog.

The sister’s baker had inspiration for a new type of cake.

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Stop-polishing-trophiesTrophies are great reminders of past achievements.

They’re engraved with the details of yesteryear’s victories and sit proudly on the mantelpiece for us to show off and admire.

It’s tempting to live there.

It’s tempting to think of those achievements as the pinnacle.

It’s tempting to place the trophies in prominent places, polish them regularly and spend too much time reflecting on past glories.

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You-may-be-close-or-youIf you’re digging for gold, how do you know if you’re three feet away or 300 feet away from the gold seam that will make it all worthwhile?

If you’re making sales calls, how do you know if the next call will be the big sale or if you will need to make another 50?

If you’re helping your kids with their homework, how do you know if they will understand long division this time or if it will take another few attempts?

If you’re learning how to play golf, how do you know if you will master your driver on your next lesson, or if will take a lot longer?

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Are-you-walking-the-dogSometimes when I’m taking our exuberant golden retriever for a walk, I’m not quite sure who is walking whom.

Am I taking Dusty for a walk, or is she taking me?

I have the leash and I set the route, but she potters along at her own pace, slowing me down as she sniffs whatever she wants to sniff and rolls over for a pat on the belly from every stranger that she meets along the way.

It’s a constant wrestle for control and I’m not sure that I always win.

As I took her for her walk last night, I considered this battle in other contexts.

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Dont-wish-it-was-easierI wish that it was easier to be successful.

I wish that I could tell you how to get maximum results for minimum effort.

I wish that there was a secret to becoming an overnight success.

I wish that it was possible to become an instant expert.

I wish that it was all downhill and smooth sailing.

I wish that there weren’t obstacles or critics to overcome.

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Youre-never-trappedThere are times when we all feel trapped.

It seems like we have run out of options and there’s nothing else left to do.

I’ve felt it myself and I’ve heard it said many times by clients.

You may feel trapped in your job, your finances, your family situation or any other aspect of life, but I’m here to remind you today that you’re never trapped.

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Bring-your-own-sunshineThe world seems like a dark place sometimes… bring your own sunshine.

Your office or classroom may be a negative place… bring your own sunshine.

Everyone around you may be complaining… bring your own sunshine.

No-one else feels like laughing or smiling… bring your own sunshine.

The future may seem bleak and unclear… bring your own sunshine.

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