A white-tailed deer

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The answer to this question seems obvious, but it would surprise you.

In the year 2000, bears killed 6 people in the USA, whilst deer were responsible for 83 deaths in the same year.

Of course, bears kill people by attacking them with their razor sharp teeth and claws, but deer just happen to walk inadvertently in front of cars causing serious accidents.

Sometimes, the things that we fear cause less carnage than less obvious dangers.

For example, are you more afraid of starting a business that doesn’t work, or remaining in a dead-end job for the next 30 years?

Are you more afraid of getting your heart broken again, or living the rest of your life alone?

Are you more afraid of public speaking, or of having nothing to say?

Are you more afraid of flying, or of never getting to see the world?

Are you more afraid of taking a course and not understanding the lecturer, or of living in ignorance forever?

Are you more afraid of making a pitch and being rejected, or of sitting on your million dollar idea for the rest of your life?

Are you more afraid of change, or of staying the same for the remainder of your days?

What are you more afraid of, the bear or the deer?

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