Moving up seems to be a popular aim.

Lofty ambitions, climbing the ladder, flying high, reaching for the stars.

We all want to end up in a destination that’s over and above our current situation.

So where do you start?

To move up, you’ve got to get up and show up!

Every day with no exceptions.

Go to work, the gym, night school, conferences, church, wherever it is that you need to go to make progress on your goals.

You need to get up and show up even when you don’t feel like it.

You need to get up and show up when everyone else around you doesn’t.

You need to get up and show up when you’ve stalled for a while and can’t see the difference that it’s making yet.

It’s great to have big goals and dreams, but if you forget to get it done right now where you are, you can forget about being trusted with bigger things in the years ahead.

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