A friend of mine was recently talked into going to her first fitness bootcamp.

Being a lady in her 50’s it was a daunting concept and the drills were a significant physical challenge.  They included carrying tyres above her head and then dragging them behind her while running, not my idea of fun.

Despite her struggles, at the end of the drills, the fitness instructor gave her an award for being the best participant.

She wondered why, but to others it was obvious.

You see, as she laboured, instead of complaining, she laughed.

Instead of holding others back, she encouraged and motivated them.

Instead of making the day a waste of time, she made it a fun experience for herself and everyone around her.

She understood the principle of being a fire-lighter, not a fire-fighter.

What about you?

When things get tough how do you respond?

What about when you feel out of your depth?

Or even when someone asks you to do something and it turns out to be not as much fun as you thought?

I know for me, the next time this happens I’ll be remembering my friend Lynette, who personifies enthusiasm, optimism and good humour, no matter the circumstances.

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