New Melbourne Football Club coach, Mark Neeld, had to deal with a discipline issue early in his tenure.

One of his star players, Colin Sylvia, was cut from the Australian team for drinking before a training camp, giving Neeld an early challenge to respond to.

He sat down with Sylvia and appropriately sanctioned the player, but what I really liked was Neeld’s statement to the media:

Everyone’s really well-versed in nodding and saying the right thing.  My concerns are his actions over pre-season and when the season starts.  That’s what I’ll be watching.

He clearly understands that many people have been disciplined and nodded appropriately as they were reprimanded, promising to make changes.

They’ve read personal development books or blogs that have challenged their thinking and they’ve nodded to themselves, realising that they need to do something about what they’ve just read.

They’ve heard a dynamic speaker and nodded in agreement, acknowledging where they’ve fallen short.

But nodding isn’t action. 

The majority of people nod their heads in agreement at what they know they should do.  Then nothing changes.

The successful few take action.

And that’s what really matters!

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