Most of us go through stages when we lose our mojo.

The spring in our step has gone, our perspective on life is a bit more negative than usual and we struggle to find the energy or focus to make progress towards our goals.

How do we recover from such a situation?

Here are 9 tips to get back on track and find your mojo again:

Work on something different for a while – If you’ve been focused on a particular task for a long time and have lost the will to keep going, try something different.  It could be something trivial or a simple task that you haven’t had time for, but by distracting yourself with an alternative activity, you may find that your energy and enthusiasm returns for your original task.

Talk to someone – Sometimes, the simple act of conversing with another person can put things in perspective for you and help you to get back on track.

Hang out with an enthusiastic friend – Mojo is contagious.  When you have it, you’re likely to infect others and when you don’t have it, one of the most effective ways of getting it is by hanging around with those who do.

Read something inspiring –  There are some terrific books out there that can help to restore your mojo.  And don’t just read them, highlight them, verbally agree with them and apply the principles in them.

Work out – Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood.  In addition, I know there are times when I’ve had great ideas whilst exercising that helped restore my confidence and get the breakthrough that I was looking for.

Have moments of silence – We live in a world that is so noisy and full of distractions that we forget that our soul needs silence.  Some people call it prayer, some meditation and some just call it sitting in the living room taking a deep breath.  Whatever you call it, give yourself some regular periods of silence and watch what it does to your mojo.

Get a good night’s sleep – I understand that this can be a challenge for some people, but there is little doubt that having proper sleep patterns will impact your mood.  When our twins were young, this was a significant challenge for me, but I’ve noticed the difference since they’ve allowed me to get a better and more consistent night’s sleep.

Remember why you started – Often the best way to regain your spark is to strip everything back and remember why you are doing it in the first place.  Most people are passionate at the start of an adventure and by recalling the elements that you were once excited about, you give yourself the opportunity to regain that same enthusiasm.

Be aware of your body language – People who have lost their enthusiasm for life often walk around with their shoulders slumped, their heads down and their feet dragging.  You can significantly impact how you feel by changing your body language.  Stand 2 inches taller, put your shoulders back, look life in the eye and see what a difference that makes to how you feel about life.

Most of us experience moments when we’re not as enthusiastic as we think we should be.

I would never expect that anyone can maintain a positive attitude with endless resources of energy all of the time, but I hope that these tips help you to get out of the rut quickly and get back on track.

Do you have any other tips for getting your mojo back?

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