There are people who consistently perform at a phenomenal level.

The standard that they have established for themselves over the years is one of excellence and they are recognised and respected for their professionalism and brilliance.

Of course, every now and then, they make a mistake or momentarily drop their standard, but those who know them understand that this is just an exception to their usual standard.

Then there are those who perform at a much lower level.

They aren’t renowned for anything other than average, they don’t try particularly hard and no-one expects anything remarkable from them.

Every now and then, they get it right.  They have a brilliant idea or have a moment of inspiration that amazes the observers.

Unfortunately, because of the standard that they have set for themselves over the years, people just assume it was an accident.  It was an exception to the usual level of mediocrity.

There are standards that you have established for your work over the years and others are taking notice.

There will always be exceptions, but they will be excused or explained away.

It’s the standard that matters.

The standard that you set through a consistent and disciplined focus on delivering outstanding work will help you build a great reputation.

Alternatively, if you get in the habit of delivering sloppy, haphazard outcomes, that’s what people will start to expect from you.

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