In his iconic western, High Plains Drifter, Clint Eastwood’s character chastises the town of Lago with these words:

“You don’t want your shops or houses burned.

You don’t want your women touched.

You don’t want anything to happen.

Except you’re afraid to do anything about it.”

Sound familiar?

There are too many people who hate their jobs.

They don’t like their weight or physical condition.

They have dreams and aspirations.

They know that there are other options that could improve their standard of living and increase the contribution that they make to the world.

Except they’re afraid to do anything about it.

Don’t let that be you.

Don’t be controlled by your fears.

If there’s something that you know you should be doing with your life, do it!

If there’s something that’s holding you back from maximising your potential, do something about it!

If there’s something that you’re terrified of, go for it!

Life too short to be dominated by fear.

And your purpose is too important to be limited by it!

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