To-compare-yourself-toI have a confession to make.

There are times when I suffer from the comparison curse.

Every now and then I find myself looking at the achievements of others with a moderate amount of envy.

I look at those with better blogs, bigger speaking gigs and more glamorous holiday destinations and allow myself to feel diminished.

I start asking questions like, “How did they manage to get that opportunity?”

I start doubting my own capabilities.

I start cataloging my past mistakes and failures.

And I start moving down an unhelpful road full of limiting thoughts.

Then I remember that their journey is different to mine and that social media has a wonderful knack of making everyone else’s lives look more polished than they really are.

And so, instead of comparing myself to others, I remind myself that :

  • I have my own skills and strengths,
  • If I stay focused my opportunities will come,
  • I am incredibly blessed to do what I do, and if nothing changes, that’s actually OK.

And the same is true for you too.

Don’t compare yourself to others, it never ends well.

Use your unique combination of skills and abilities.

Make your mark.

To compare yourself to others is a curse, but to live your best life is a blessing.

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