We all have messages that we tell others.

If someone asks us how we are doing, we instinctively respond with some like, “Good, thanks.”

Or perhaps, “Awesome!”

Maybe even, “I’m having a great day, how about you?”

It doesn’t matter if they’re not completely true, they are habitual, ingrained responses that we give without careful consideration.

And then there are the messages that we curate on social media.

Photos of the kids winning races and receiving trophies.

Carefully constructed selfies, ensuring that the makeup and hair is perfect.  If you can see the double chin, keep going until you get it right.

Glamour holiday shots with smiles everywhere.

Inspirational and pithy quotes designed to show how clever we are.

It’s a bit of a front designed to elicit nice responses from others, but is rarely a true reflection of our lives.

But more importantly, there are the messages that we tell ourselves.

Behind closed doors.

In the dark.

No-one else can hear them.

I hope that they’re positive and kind.

I hope that they keep you going.

I hope that they don’t dredge up all of the mistakes that you have made over and over again.

I hope that they don’t paint you as a victim of your circumstances.

I hope that they inspire you to take action.

I hope that they enable you to look in the mirror and see what God sees.

Someone made in His image.  Someone useful, valuable, lovable.

Incredibly unique, extraordinarily gifted.

What messages are you telling yourself?