There seem to be lots of people with opinions at the moment.

Self-confessed experts who specialise in making predictions.

This team will make the play-offs.  This candidate will win the election.  This stock will rise.

Pundits everywhere and so often very, very wrong.

It’s easy to make predictions when you don’t have any skin in the game.

If your educated guess doesn’t work out, it’s soon forgotten and you move on to the next event.

But trying to predict the future doesn’t help to create a better tomorrow.

We need less pundits and more participants.

Less spectators and more players.

Less opinion and more action.

Less outrageous claims and more exceptional results.

So stop worrying about being right or wrong and be more concerned with being effective or ineffective.

Because the world doesn’t need to know what you think, it needs to see what you’ve done.