There aren’t many once in a lifetime opportunities.

Those moments when you’re plucked from obscurity to take your place on the big stage.

Those scenarios when the world seems to part like the Red Sea for you to walk through unimpeded to your promised land.

I’m sure that they happen, but they haven’t happened to me yet and I’m not sure that you can rely on them if you want to be successful.

Instead, we have multiple times a day opportunities.

Those chances to engage with the people around us.

Those moments when we have to do the grunt work required to achieve our goals.

Those obstacles that we must climb over, getting stronger and more resilient as we go.

Those choices when we say no to the easy, short-term option, so that we can say yes to the less appealing, but ultimately more productive, long-term option.

That’s what it takes.

Not once or twice.

But over and over again.

Every single day.