Today is Good Friday.

It’s a day of great significance for Christians around the world.

It was a very busy day for me.

We had Church in the morning, I had to pick Hayden up from his work in the early afternoon and then he was boundary umpire for a local footy match this evening.

The youth were running our Church service, so Madison was asked to be on the welcome team, helping to greet people at the door.

That meant I had to be there an hour early, which at first seemed annoying.

But out the back of the school property where our Church meets is a national park, so I dropped Mads and Logan off and went for a nice walk through the bush.

As I wandered along, I had time for reflection.

I have lots to be grateful for.

I have a wonderful family. We have our moments, but we love each other and have been on an amazing journey together and there’s lot more to come.

I have a wonderful job. I enjoy the people I work with and we have achieved a lot together so far.

I have a wonderful house. I love our home and the location is brilliant. Moving to a regional city has been a fantastic change for our family.

There’s so much more to list. Good health, a terrific Church, the delightful weather and tomorrow I get to run my 50th parkrun.

But above all of that for me is the opportunity to reflect on what Jesus has done for me.

He loves me.

He died for me.

He has done everything required to restore a relationship with the Father.

He came to give me life.

Life in all its fullness and abundance.

And the good news is that He has done that for all of us.

What a Good Friday.

Thank you, Jesus.