If I’m going under the knife, I don’t want a disinterested surgeon, who is checking his phone and looking to get the procedure over and done with so he can go and play golf.

If I’m going to a local café, I don’t want a disinterested barista, who can’t look her customers in the eye or get the orders exactly right.

If I catch a bus, I don’t want a disinterested driver, who is easily distracted and doesn’t really care if he is on time or following the right route.

If I sign up for a course, I don’t want to be lectured by a disinterested teacher, who is just parroting concepts that she isn’t excited about.

We don’t like it when those who are doing something for us are disinterested.

We want them to care.

We want them to do their best.

I just hope that we match the expectations that others have for us as well.