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Today is the one year anniversary of this blog.

I can still remember a year ago when, on a Friday night of experimentation on WordPress, I surprisingly found that I had set up this site.  It was remarkably easy to get started (WordPress rules!), but the hard work of writing content and finding an audience was still ahead of me.

One year on, there have been over 260 posts written and thousands of readers, with the number of page views going up weekly.

I just want to take the time today to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read, comment or subscribe on this blog. 

You guys have been extremely encouraging, making this blog a very positive and enjoyable experience for me.

My wife (and proof-reader) has also been very supportive throughout the past 12 months.

My intention has always been to inspire, equip and encourage visitors to the site and I hope that I have been able to do that.

As the year has gone on, I’ve learned a lot, realised that I can write if I put my mind to it (my English teacher from high school will be amazed!) and I now have a resource to call on for the future when I need examples or stories when coaching others or speaking.

That’s enough about me, what you would like to see more of, less of or kept the same on this blog?

And what’s been your favourite post from the past 12 months?

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