Lately, I’ve fallen into the trap of focussing on how tired I am.

I’ve started to use dangerous terms like, “When I get enough energy I’ll…

  • Exercise more.
  • Be a more attentive father.
  • Be more focused at work.

Such statements allow me to put off being my very best until I somehow get the energy for it.

The problem is, we don’t get energy, we have to generate it.

If we wait for the right circumstances to appear so that we have sufficient vigour for our various tasks, we may be waiting for a long time.

We need to have a mindset that’s conducive to generating energy.

One that stops saying, “I’m tired” and starts saying, “I’m excited about the task at hand and have all of the energy that I need to complete it well.”

We need to have body language that’s conducive to generating energy.

Body language that doesn’t include shuffling feet or slumped shoulders and is replaced by a spring in the step, a broad smile and a head held high.

We need to have goals that are conducive to generating energy.

Not feeble, unattractive, ordinary goals that can be achieved on auto-pilot, but audacious, game-changing, genuinely challenging goals that you can get excited about and that get your heart racing.

I’m not suggesting that more sleep or a better diet doesn’t help to increase energy levels.

But I’ve seen people who sleep 10 hours a night and eat healthily who live with very little perceivable enthusiasm, while there are others who seem to not only survive, but thrive on less sleep and are less attentive about what they eat.

The difference is in the mind, the body language and the goals that they have.

There are no more excuses for not having the energy that we need.

Today, I’m not going to rely on getting the energy that I need, I’m going to generate it.

What about you?

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