What is it about missionaries?

They leave their country of origin, with all of its comforts for a foreign land that is often hostile and unfamiliar.   Then they often go on to significantly and permanently impact their new homeland.

And they do it with such energy and enthusiasm that there’s a term for it, “Missionary Zeal.”

I’ve met a few missionaries over the years and they each have two unique attributes:

  • They are very ordinary people, no more talented or educated than anybody else.
  • They have a spark in their eyes and passion in their voice that is unrivalled.

And they are out there, in dangerous, uncomfortable situations, changing the world.

If you want to make your mark, don’t worry about how talented you are, how well-connected you are or how lucky other people seem to be.

Do what you do, every day, with missionary zeal.

Because if something’s worth doing, it worth doing with passion and if you can’t muster up the passion for the task, then perhaps you should do something else.

What do you have missionary zeal for?

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