If-somethings-worthThere’s an old saying that, “if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

It’s a great philosophy, but today I would like to add to it.

If something’s worth doing:

  • It’s worth doing with excellence.
  • It’s worth doing with enthusiasm.
  • It’s worth doing with a smile.
  • It’s worth doing with flair and creativity.
  • It’s worth failing sometimes so that we can continue to get better.
  • It’s worth teaching someone else how to do it too.
  • It’s worth doing with generosity.
  • It’s worth persisting with when the going gets tough.
  • It’s worth spending more of your time doing it rather than wasting your time on tasks that are either unnecessary or can be done by someone else who is skilled in that area.

What would you add to the list?

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